Green in the City – New York’s Parks and Gardens

Central Park

New York is a city which you’ve seen in movies and on TV hundreds and times. Skyscrapers reaching for the clouds, tall apartment blocks, all of it making a bit of a concrete jungle. Maybe you’ve gotten your ESTA or visa sorted for travelling to the U.S, and you’ve realised that once you’re there, you’ll […]

Exploring The Take A Break Travel Florida Offer


The state of Florida attracts tens of millions of tourists every year. In fact, according to figures from VISIT FLORIDA, the state received more than 110 million visitors in 2017 alone, which is the highest number of visitors the state has ever received in its history. Some of the popular tourist attractions in Florida include, […]

4 of the Most Exceptional Casino Resorts in the World

Marina Bay Sands Resort

The lure of the Casino never fades. The Mediterranean elegance of Monte Carlo and the brash and stunning twenty-four-hour existence of the Las Vegas strip in the desert never fails to excite everyone that gets to visit. But where else are there casinos that have something even more special than Caesar’s Palace and the MGM […]

72 Hour Travel Guide to Mumbai

Mumbai 72 Hour Travel Guide

India constitutes the most significant portion of the world’s population and Mumbai being the utmost decorated city, it is the most inhabited. The fact that Mumbai is the richest city in India, you can tell it should book a spot on your bucket list of the cities you should visit. Mumbai is not relatively a […]

Fancy Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor Party

On the off chance that your closest companion is hitched and you’re the person who’s responsible for setting up a life-changing unhitched male gathering, simply make a point to remain with us and continue perusing! Here are four astonishing thoughts and tips on the most proficient method to achieve that like a genius, so investigate […]

Do Venture Capitalists Really Improve the Economy? Yes, They Do!

Do Venture Capitalists Really Improve the Economy? Yes, They Do!

Investopedia defines a venture capitalist as one who, “either provides capital to startup ventures or supports small companies that wish to expand but do not have access to equities markets,” but do these investors really improve the economy? Insights by Stanford Business says they do, and some are more influential than others are, which is […]

Frequently Asked Questions About The US ESTA

Frequently Asked Questions About The US ESTA

Since 2008 the USA have had in place a requirement for tourists visiting the country, that they must have what is called an ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorisation, granted prior to their visit. The ESTA is part of the Visa Waiver Program which many nations signed up to, and it is an absolute […]