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Living in Chile: First Impressions

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Best things to do in Santiago

Best things to do in Chile

Complete Pictures from Chile

Atacama Desert Pictures

There is nothing like paying a good $140  to have the right to enter a country.  I mean who wouldn’t want to dish out the cost of a full ipod nano to see a fantastic country side? But I digress.  Many consider Chile to be the Switzerland of the south minus the blonde hair and blue eyes of course.

If you have never been to Switzerland I can sum it up in three words for you; picturesque, prosperous, and very tidy.  Everything is in its place and after living in Argentina I was ready to get a little efficiency back in my life.

I arrived and got settled in my 3 bedroom condo near the center of the city.  After one day of living in Chile I consider the country to be American Switzerland because it resembles the states more than it does Europe.  Everything is new and they have new high rises going up by the minute.  I also figured that the country would be extremely clean like Switzerland, unfortunately I forgot I was in South America.

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Performing typical Tourist Actions in Chile

When living in Chile (in the summer) the first thing you notice is the gorgeous weather.  There is a dry heat during the day that hardly reaches 80 degrees (26 C) and there is a constant breeze throughout the valley that keeps you cool.  The people are unfortunately food addicts and the name of their addiction is ice cream.  Either they are eating it or lined up to buy it, they love ice cream.


Ugly Jeans in Chile!

Next observation is the cheap housing prices and the exorbiant prices of food.  I was use to buying 4 prime beef steaks in Argentina for $10.  In Chile I can’t get half that amount of steak for even $15.  Its a bit ironic because the fruits and vegetables that we buy in the United States (Florida specifically) come from Chile and they are cheaper than what they cost in Chile!  The cost of food while living in Chile does balance out with the cost of housing so in the end everything comes out about even.

And one battle that I have taken against the women of Chile are the ugly jeans they wear.  I mean, it is the 21st century.  I have seen very attractive women and ugly jeans is just a deal breaker. Wouldn’t you agree? No? Maybe I am going overboard but I still wont talk to women with ugly jeans.

Greetings from Chile!


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