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Onward to the Flanders Festival in Belgium

Regions of Belgium

The Flanders Festival in Belgium was my first stop in Europe and boy was I glad that it was. This is my first time that I have been in Western Europe proper outside of living in Southern Italy (Sicily) and making a stop in London for a one day layover. I was excited to visit […]

Great Brazilian Road Trip: Northern Coast & Beach Edition

South America At Night

I was sitting around Rio De Janeiro and I suddenly realized that I was leaving in a few months and hadn’t seen the majority of the country. I had been acclimating to life in Rio De Janeiro for close to 3 months already and was able to visit Easter Island, Peru, and parts of southern […]

From Brazil to Belgium to Spain and finally, London

London Underground

It has been a crazy three weeks where I have been through 4 countries, 10 cities, 5 nights without sleep, and being detained by the London airport security.  I’m on a roll now on being detained by foreign officials for erroneous purposes so the new “detained abroad” series will be coming soon to WanderingTrader. I […]

Lunch In Ghent: Belgium

Ghent Belgium

Lunch in Ghent, Belgium, was nothing short of amazing. It was one of those picturesque pictures that they always show in Europe. This was actually during the Flanders Festival which is held throughout many cities in Belgium. This was the very beginning of my trip and the start of my official move to India from […]

Leuven Town Hall: Leuven, Belgium

Leuven Town Hall

The Leuven Town Hall is one of the most impressive buildings that I saw while on my trip to Belgium.  I’ll be sharing more how I was able to visit the country and the great Flanders festival.  I love architecture and I remember getting lost in the old city until I saw the Leuven Town […]

The Most Important Thing For Any Traveler

The Most Important Thing For Any Traveler

Traveling for most of my life there is one thing that always made me extremely mad, when I couldn’t write the at symbol to enter my email for facebook!  Tell it doesn’t make you mad when you can’t type the @ symbol. HOW TO TYPE THE @ SYMBOL IN OTHER COUNTRIES   Hold down the […]

In Your Face Moai Statue: Easter Island

Moi Statue

The Moai Statues on Easter Island are nothing but amazing.  I considered putting up one of the standard pictures of Easter Island with the popular 15 statue that is called Ahu Tongariki.  What you see above is the the actual quarry where all of the Moai Statues where mined.  The natives chipped away at rock on the mountain […]

My First Investment In Brazil

famous steps in rio de janeiro

I have been talking about investing overseas for quite a while now and I moved to Brazil not only to see the amazing beaches, but to also see the possibility of creating a day trading center here.  The idea was to provide people in the third world the opportunity to make a living in the […]