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Finding Apartments Overseas: Roomorama Review


I received an e-mail from Manda at Roomorama roughly a year ago. She realized that I was a world traveler and I was living overseas for quite a while and commented on how I look for rooms and apartments to rent rather than just staying in a hostel. I find that when I moved to […]

Tower Bridge in London

tower bridge london

Welcome to the Tower Bridge in London! This was my first time in London and I absolutely love it!  I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have like in the city but the time that I was there I did fall them love with everything that I experienced. I was on […]

Colorful Macaw Parrot: Armenia, Colombia


Welcome to Armenia, Colombia. This Macaw was the most curious and annoying parrot in the world. If you didn’t know I actually had privilege of having breakfast with him since he decided to follow me around by climbing up my chair and wreaking havoc on my now scarred shoulder. He was a lot of fun; […]

House In The Countryside: Madagascar

Home in Madagascar

One of the things that really surprised me about Madagascar are what the poverty everywhere. You have no idea what poverty is until you really see the primitive lifestyle that everyone lives in encircling Madagascar. The pousse pousse drivers, which can be equated to rickshaws, run with bare feet.  There are some who actually have […]

Campesino Gold Miner: Marmato, Colombia

Gold Miner

We did a two week trip through the coffee region in Colombia and we were able to visit the massive gold mines found in Marmato, Colombia.  The city was gritty and I found a picture that could describe Colombia perfectly (click here) at the entrance.  We found a tour guide that knew everyone in the city […]

Mass Graves in Rwanda: Kigali Memorial Centre

mass graves rwanda

I was still in shock and impressed in regards to how different Rwanda actually was in comparison to the rest of Africa, specifically roughly 80% of Eastern Africa that I had already visited.  This place showed the dark side of humanity and Rwanda shows the beauty at the same time.  The country is a shining […]

Streets of Salento, Colombia

Salento, Salento colombia

I present to you the streets of Salento, Colombia.  One of the coolest places in Colombia, Salento is the heart of the coffee region and was once a major traffic zone.  This is also where you can find the Valley of Cocora where you can find the tallest palm trees in the world.  Salento is […]

Itinerary around the world: Brazilian Thongs & Male Short Shorts

Itinerary around the world: Brazilian Thongs & Male Short Shorts

Well its official ladies and gentlemen, I am moving to Brazil.  I now have a different a focus other than just traveling around the world to see tourist attractions and get to know cultures.  I have been seriously slacking updating this travel blog because I started a brand new day trading company where I teach people […]

Victoria Falls Gorge: Border Between Zambia & Zimbabwe

Zambia Zimbabwe Border

Welcome to the border of Zambia & Zimbabwe! This picture was taken from the bridge that separates the countries of Zambia & Zimbabwe, the gorge in the picture is the actual border between the two countries.  Just around the left bend is where you will find roughly 70% of the Victoria Falls (Zim) and to the right […]

Faces Of Madagascar: The Beauty Queen

women in Madagascar

Oh no she didn’t! She just had to walk around with that stuff on her face.  In Madagascar, exclusively on the countryside and outside of major cities, you will find many women wearing mask on their face as they walk around and complete their daily tasks.  This mask can be equated to the mud masks […]