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Twinkie & Pretzel Bus Ride: Zambia

Bus Interior in Zambia, bus travel in africa, bus travel in zambia

It was 2pm when I arrived at the bus station in the capital of Lusaka after I started my journey at 11pm the night before.  My flight with Ethiopia airlines left Nairobi at 3.30am and I arrived in Lusaka, Zambia at around 11am where I would have to catch the bus.  The bus that people […]

Sunset in Reykjavik, Iceland

sunsets in Iceland, sunsets, pictures of Icelands

This sunset in Iceland is one of the first pictures that I took when I arrived in Reykjavik.  First say Reykjavik three times, now try again.  I couldn’t pronounce, nor spell, Iceland’s capital city when I first arrived if my life depended on it.  One of the things that was very unusual about my visit […]

The Maasai in Kenya

maasai, maasai in kenya, maasai warriors in Kenya

I found the Maasai in Kenya to be an extremely interesting people.  They have a slew of rituals and practices that would be completely foreign to any tourist (one of the reasons they are so popular).  One of the things that I found fascinating was that some of the Maasai’s attend university in Nairobi.  Instead […]

The Streets Of Carnival-Salvador, Brazil

Streets of Salvador, carnival in salvador,

The streets in Salvador are something else to experience.  Depending on the time of the day you will encounter bright signs and tourist souvenirs on almost every corner.  You will also will encounter the hustlers that try to sell you beads for the price of a Starbucks Frappucino.  I chose to go to Salvador for […]

Traveling to Africa is Tough? Try Madagascar!

Antananarivo Madagascar, Antananarivo, tana madagascar

I realize that Madagascar is in Africa but most people never consider visiting the country (definitely not Americans).  I was intrigued by the country ever since I found out about the Tsingy stone forest.  Once I arrived, I was completely caught off guard by the people and after a week & a half on the […]

A Lemur in Madagascar

Lemur, lemurs, lemuarian

This Lemur was found in the Tsingy National Forest in Madagascar.  If you didn’t know this is where you can find the stone forest in Madagascar and if you drive from the city of Morondava you will be able to find the Avenue of the Baobabs as well.  You can find the Lemurs in most […]

Tel Aviv: The New York Miami Beach of the Middle East

Graffiti in Tel Aviv

My trip to Israel wouldn’t have been the same if I didn’t experience one of the world’s renown cities for both nightlife and financial prowess.  While Jerusalem may be the cultural & political center of Israel, Tel Aviv is the blood that feeds the veins of the country.  TeI Aviv is nowhere near as large […]

Pousse-Pousse Drivers in Madagascar

Pousse Pousse driver in Madgascar

The Pousse Pousse drivers in Madagascar are a whole different breed of people.  These guys work extremely hard all day running around carrying people in their little carts similar to a tuk tuk (they call them pousse pousse in Madagascar).  If you notice in the picture above you will see that some of the pousse […]

Gorgeous Coast in Eilat, Israel

eilat, coast in eilat, beaches of eilat,

We found this coast on a side trip while driving to the sushi restaurant that we were eating at.  One of our Israeli friends (Ori) from the Once In A Lifetime Crew was driving us to the restaurant since I decided to break my toe on the boat the same day.  I told them I […]