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How Traveling is Breaking My Heart

Petting a cheetah, petting cheetahs

Traveling around the world sucks, literally I can’t even begin to organize all of the thoughts, pictures, people, weird things I have put in my mouth, and unique things that I have experienced within just the last 6 months let alone the last year. This site was only meant to be a traffic generator for […]

Traveling to Israel is like Colombia, Sababa Parce!

Colombian Men

I didn’t know that two countries that were so different could have so many similarities.  Both countries happen to be bordered by 5 countries and have a great coastline.  While I didn’t get to explore the coastline in Israel, be aware that the Colombian Coast is the land of hustlers.  It isn’t so much the […]

Exploring the Religions in Israel: The Bahai Faith

Bahai Gardens Temple, Bahai Gardens

There were some very exciting things that I did on my trip to Israel like doing back flips into the Jordan River and scuba dive with Dolphins.  There was also very interesting aspects of religions and culture that we were able to learn about.  Two of those religions that I learned about most people haven’t […]

The Bahai Gardens in Haifa, Israel

Bahai Gardens in Haifa

This was another surprise for me while on my trip to Israel.  Before I ever arrived in Israel I only thought that there Muslims, Christians, and Jews living in Israel.  Turns out Israel is the center of another very fast growing religion called The Bahai Faith.  The Bahai Gardens is the most holy site for […]

Dinner & Sunset at the Sea of Galilee: Israel

sunset at the sea of galilee

Seeing the Sea of Galilee for the first time was very powerful.  It seems like anytime you turn the corner in Israel there is another piece of important history.  The first view was high on the mountain during the day.  After taking pictures we proceeded to the Syrian border and then made chocolate before we started […]

Nairobi is Sweet. Wonderful. Chaos.

Picture of Nairobi Kenya

I have been living in Nairobi for nearly two months and I cannot describe what the city is like.  Living here is similar to describing what cheesecake feels like in your mouth for the first time, you just can’t do it.  I just came back from my trip to Israel and received culture shock for […]

The Big K & Israeli Backstreet Superstars

tour group in Israel

One of the things that I love about traveling is meeting different types of people from around the world and interacting with them.  My trip to Israel included roughly 10 or 15 Israelis otherwise known as our babysitters, 2 women from China and Singapore otherwise known as the kids, an Australian, and an Indian known […]

The South Sudan Visa Project

The South Sudan Visa Project

November 2011 UPDATE I have officially dropped off my passport at the South Sudan Embassy in which I will return tomorrow to pay for the actual visa.  The only places where you are able to get the visa are Nairobi, Kampala, and Ethiopia.  If you read the story below you will find that I had […]

My 13 Day Trip Israel

map of israel, israel map

I can’t really begin to describe how amazing the trip to Israel was.  I got to see a side of Israel that is so far from the conflict that is always described on the news.  The Israel Ministry of Tourism, Stand With Us, and the entire Once In  Lifetime Crew did a great job of […]

Learning How to Speak Hebrew (Basic Expressions)

Hebrew is one of the oldest languages that is still spoken today.  While traveling to Israel I was able to pick up on many of the basic expressions to get around such as “are you single” and “you are very beautiful”.  Oops, wrong blog!  Its a bit harder language to pick up since the vowels are […]