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The Art of a Press Trip-Israel in less than a month

press pass, picture of press pass

The art of a press trip takes a bit of skill and I won’t lie, luck.  I honestly never thought that I would go on a get a press trip.  Even though I have been traveling all of my life I have only been blogging for just over a year.  There are so many popular […]

Visiting Nairobi, Kenya & Feeling like a Foreigner

johnny walker sign, johnny walker, keep walking

Visiting Nairobi for the first time here in Kenya there was a strange feeling that came over me.  I knew that it couldn’t be the buffet I ate because it was mostly healthy food at a restaurant I have never eaten before. I always trust buffets. I have been able to blend in cities all […]

Living in Africa: My 1st week in Nairobi, Kenya

borehole in kenya, living in africa, living in kenya

Living in Africa for a week has opened my eyes to city life in Nairobi, Kenya.  Not only have I taken a Matatu in Nairobi (local transportation in the city) and loved it but I’ve also tried a variety of food that is native to the country.  I really didn’t know how many similarities Africa […]

Enter The Photo Roulette Contest Round 24 – “Darkness”

Enter The Photo Roulette Contest Round 24 – “Darkness”

Click Here to check out the New Travel Roulette hosted by me this week! We had such great contestants that we have a new travel roulette for all travel bloggers! WINNER ROUND 24 is Laurence:  FindingTheUniverse This was a really hard round to choose because of the picture of the solar eclipse from Costa Rica by […]

Macaw Parrots from the Amazon-Guyana

macaw parrots, macaw birds, animals in guyana, guyana animals, amazon macaws

These three Macaw Parrots were found in the zoo in Georgetown, Guyana.  I find that when you feed the animals against the signs that say “please do not feed the animals” you get the best response.  I didn’t give them my skittles or my grape Fanta that would harm them, I simply threw in a […]

The Intricate Marble Counter-Palermo, Sicily

intricate marble counter

    The cathedrals in Palermo are some of the nicest in all of Sicily.  I couldn’t find the name of the church where I found this marble counter because it was when I turned a corner and just found a massive steel door that I walked into.  It was very near all of the […]

Local Transportation in Nairobi, Kenya-The Matatu

matatu kenya, local transportation kenya, transportation nairobi

What you are seeing is the stylish interior of a local transportation bus van in Nairobi, Kenya.  They call it a Matatu and you should watch your step when you exit because if it isn’t an official “unofficial” Matatu stop the van literally doesn’t stop, until it reaches it’s final destination of course.  Notice also the […]

The Greek Temple of Hera-Selinunte, Sicily

greek temple, selinunte, selinunte sicily, greek temples sicily, selinunte greek temple

  The Greek Temple of Hera in Selinunte is one of the most impressive temples that I have ever seen!  The historic site is absolutely massive and I was actually able to climb on top of this temple.  You can see the ruins in the picture on the right hand side but what you can’t […]

Why is Learning to Day Trade So Damn Hard?

day trading setup

The idea of learning how to day trade is super easy isn’t it?  You find a stock, buy it really low and sell it really high and then poof!  Millionaire!  You buy and sell it million times and make thousands of dollars a day.  If it’s so easy why isn’t everyone doing it? It’s not […]