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Crossing The Border Between French Guiana-Suriname

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One of the things that amused me the most about traveling to The Guianas was the border in-between Suriname and French Guyana.  French Guyana is easily the most developed of the three and Suriname has it’s business together however.  The actual border is a complete joke, I could seriously smuggle an entire family through the […]

Welcome to the Sushi Hangover: Team Medellin Style

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I have about a month left in Colombia and I will remember nothing more than the sushi hangovers every Tuesday. I am not only a fanatic of Sushi but I have become quite accustomed to a sushi hangover. Sushi Hangover – When your stomach is about to explode from eating too much sushi At Sushi […]

Environmentalists Are The Enemy: Sea Turtle Edition

Boat in the amazon, Galibi nature reserve, Suriname pictures, traveling by boat in the guyanas,

Put down your fat burger and swallow that carbonated sugar drink and hear me out for a second. I am not saying that we shouldn’t have environmentalists in the world but sometimes they take it to extremes. I experienced just this on my trip to French Guyana when trying to see the massive leather back […]

Andean Cock of the Rock in Cali Zoo-Colombia

cock of the rock, unique birds in the amazon, amazon birds, cool looking birds, andean cock of the rock

  The Andean Cock of the Rock is one of the coolest birds that I have seen.  Their natural habitat is in the forests of South America and this little guy happens to be the national bird of Peru.  This shot was taken at the Zoo in Cali Colombia in the bird canopy.  The Cali […]

My Favorite Sea Turtle in French Guyana

sea turtles, leatherback turtles, sea turtle pictures, french guyana turtles

This is by far my favorite sea turtle of all the turtles I saw in French Guiana.  It was very hard to find them because people kept telling me the different times to see them.  I ended up renting a car from Cruella De Vil and starting hitting all of the beaches in the area. […]

La Moneda: Presidential Palace in Santiago, Chile

La Moneda: Presidential Palace in Santiago, Chile

La Moneda is name of the presidential palace in Chile which you see above.  One thing that I found unique about this place is the fact that you don’t see any huge fences and blockades around the complex like you would in Colombia or even the United States.  The only security is standing in the entrance in […]

The Colombian Coast: Land of the Hustlers

Cartagena, plaza de cartagena, cartagena plaza, pictures of Cartagena, Cartagena photos, main plaza cartagena, Plaza de la Aduana Cartagena

I arrived in Colombia with a completely different view of what I thought Colombia was going to be. My first impressions weren’t negative I just expected to see a little cocaine on the street, gorgeous women walking around, and the occasional AK-47 here and there. I didn’t see any cocaine on the surprisingly clean streets, […]

Main Plaza In Cartagena – Plaza De La Aduana

Main Plaza In Cartagena - Plaza De La Aduana

The main plaza in Cartagena is the beginning of the old city for most tourists.  What you are seeing is the back drop of buildings in Plaza de la Aduana in Cartagena just near the famous clock tower.  Cartagena is one of the most romantic cities in South America.  It is already one of the most […]

Best Fast Food In the United States of America

Best Fast Food In the United States of America

One of the things that characterizes the United States over any other country in the world. Our fast food has infected the entire world begrudgingly and they all love it as much as we hate to love it! There are regional favorites as well as some fast food chains that aren’t nationwide.  I tried to […]

Racism & Repression In French Guiana-SHAME ON FRANCE!

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  Rolling through The Guianas in South America I ran into something that I didn’t think existed in our society today. It was beyond God’s mandate to not allow me a comfortable way in and out of the country. I didn’t think that this kind of situation would occur with a 1st world power like France. […]