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Presidential Palace In Asuncion, Paraguay

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The Presidential Palace in Paraguay was quite nice.  There was an intense amount of security in the area as just a few feet there was a Brazilian Favela.  Along the main tourist route you could see a bunch of security guards.  Its ironic because in most countries that have this kind of security tourists think […]

Hello Bogota: Its Not Nice To Meet You

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I am very glad that I decided to live in Medellin instead of Bogota, especially after my visit to the cosmopolitan capital. When I was first planning to live in Colombia it was between Bogota and Medellin. While being a very popular city Bogota is known for its crime, especially at night. Is Bogota Dangerous I […]

Getting Kidnapped (And Shot At) In Caracas, Venezuela

Getting Kidnapped (And Shot At) In Caracas, Venezuela

I never like traveling to Venezuela, especially since the country has turned into the red headed step child of South America. For those of you that didn’t know I was born in a small city in the country called Merida, near the border of Colombia. The last time I traveled to Venezuela was when I […]

Photo Essay: Bond Between Women & Ugly Jeans – Chile

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One of the things about the culture in Chile is that they dont dress up very much and they don’t take extra care of their appearances.  This doesn’t mean that they are dirty or that they don’t shower.  This just means that they don’t dress up like they are going to a night club when they […]

Interesting Facts (And History) About South America

Interesting Facts (And History) About South America

I wonder. I’m a curious person. Haven’t you ever wondered how some things came to be? Why is Brazil have nearly half the land in South America anyway? Whose butt where they kissing. It all makes perfect sense when you look back into history. First lets take a look at how both North America and […]

Preparing For Chaos: Traveling To The Guyanas (Guianas)

Preparing For Chaos: Traveling To The Guyanas (Guianas)

From the start of my (endless) around the world trip I had one goal; to do everything. I started in Canada just to get the feeling of being overseas and then I promptly jetted to Argentina, Chile, and now I currently am living in Colombia. The whole goal was to finish South America before I […]

Pig That Cried Wolf-La Vega: Santiago, Chile

la vega market, la vega santiago, chile

This picture was taken in the La Vega market in Santiago, Chile.  The general market is split into two massive sections, one clearly identified by tourists and the other is less known.  Since I love to be where the locals are I immediately heading to where there were no tourists and after walking through the […]

Sunset In Tayrona Natoinal Park: Colombia

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This isn’t your common picture of Tayrona National Park but a gorgeous picture none the less.  Directly off the Coast of Taganga, Colombia, this is one of the diving meccas of Colombia.  Im currently taking my PADI certification here in order to go diving in the Galapagos.  They also allowed me to take pictures under […]