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Top 5 Things to do in Sicily

Top 5 Things to do in Sicily

Sicily Directory: ● Photo: Taormina, Sicily ……………………….. ●  Sicily Travel Advice: Always try to hustle ● Living in Sicily: My Catania Accommodation ●  Sicily Travel Advice: Avoiding Killer Sheep Incredible history, great food, Greek temples to climb (read about it here).  Sicily is one of the best kept secrets in the modern world with cultural variation seen everywhere on the […]

Bungee Jumping Argentine Style

Spanish isn’t very different around world in comparison to other languages.  There are some countries in the world where two people from different provinces may not understand each other.  Spanish, and even Argentina Spanish, is roughly the same words with different accents.  There may be some words exclusive to a certain region or country but […]

Argentina Spanish: Taking a Leak in the Jungle

This video was during my ride out in the delta between Uruguay and Argentina.  There is a massive community that lives on these islands and when the tides drops you can actually walk from Buenos Aires to Uruguay.  Def a must see when you are visiting Argentina and Buenos Aires.  Dont forget to check out […]

Food in Argentina: Stuff your face with Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche, if you didn’t know, is a very popular item when it comes to food in Latin America. Its no exception when you talk about the food in Argentina either. They serve dulce de leche with dessert, coffee, and they even put it in pastries throughout bakeries in the country. My attempt at […]

The Great Dominican Republic Road Trip

The Great Dominican Republic Road Trip

Like most Latin American countries, Dominican Republic can get rather dangerous is some areas.  It is definitely not advisable to get to the island with no hotel reservations or drive into the capital with no map and not the slightest of clue of where you’re going, did I mention it was 2am when our flight […]

Food in Argentina: Meet the Butcher

food in argentina, food from argentina, steak in argentina

His name is Jose and if you happen to be in the San Telmo market make sure to stop and buy some good meat from him.  I call him Giuseppe simply because he is Italian and well, everyone in Italy is called Giuseppe (then he’ll know I sent you and no I dont make a commission). […]

Transportation in Canada: Via Rail Train Review

Canada Train Map, Canada train system

There are a lot of ways to get from point A to Point B in Canada, especially in the most popular route from Toronto to Montreal.  We discussed all your transportation in Canada options and even did a Canadian bus travel review so you can make the best decision on how to travel.  Now we […]

Travel Contest: Win $100 Cash Money

Travel Contest: Win $100 Cash Money

I have always been a big fan of a good story so I am launching a brand new travel contest, and no this isn’t a free contest, you get paid!  I am looking for the best travel story.  The story can be funny, horrifying, dramatic, romantic, deadly, whatever you think would be the best story. […]