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Things to do in Argentina: Cordoba Theater & Monuments

Tower Gate in Cordoba, cordoba argentina, pictures of cordoba

Cordoba is not on the list of things to do in Argentina mainly due to the other incredible attractions in Argentina, one example, Iguazu Falls.  One of the most historic things that the locals think tourists should see in Cordoba is the Tower Gate.   Left over from the time the city had walls around […]

Photo Essay – The Children of Argentina

Photo Essay - The Children of Argentina

I made sure to get a picture of a kid in every part of Argentina that I traveled to.  Many broke stereotypes and others made my time more enjoyable.  Enjoy! CORDOBA- This is by far one of my favorite pics, caught him right in heat of the battle.  Kids: say no to cigarettes. 🙂 BUENOS […]

Diving with Sea Lions – Puerto Madryn, Argentina

This is one of the coolest experiences that I have ever had.  I’ve never scuba dived in my life and these guys were just kind enough to let me go full fledged scuba with about 5 minutes worth of training.  Puerto Madryn is a mecca for any animal lover and whether you want to get […]

Living in Chile: First Impressions

university of Chile, pictures of santiago, pictures of chile, photos of santiago

There is nothing like paying a good $140  to have the right to enter a country.  I mean who wouldn’t want to dish out the cost of a full ipod nano to see a fantastic country side? But I digress.  Many consider Chile to be the Switzerland of the south minus the blonde hair and blue eyes […]

El Tronador Glacier in Bariloche, Argentina

pictures of bariloche, bariloche argentina, tronador glacier, glaciers in argentina

The literal translation for the name of this glacier is: Tronador=Thundering.  When the chunks of ice break off the glacier laying on top of the mountains it literally makes a thunderous roar.  We were lucky enough to see a mini avalanche from the ice breaking off of the glacier.  The water at the bottom of […]


Festival Of Laughs

Montreal is like no place in the world with a unique fusion of American and French Cultures.  It is the 2nd largest French speaking city in the world after Paris.  I encounteredculture shock in Montreal when I first arrived in the city as you really have a mixture of expectations.  You will pleasurably be surprised by […]

Top 5 Tourist Places In India

Top 5 Tourist Places In India

India has one of the most exotic and ancient cultures in human history (which makes it very exciting for India sightseeing).  It’s more than just a country it’s a subcontinent with many different languages, religions, and cultural differences. This gives India many different tourist places for everyone.  India has long been a region whose products […]

Top 5 Things to do in Sicily

Top 5 Things to do in Sicily

Sicily Directory: ● Photo: Taormina, Sicily ……………………….. ●  Sicily Travel Advice: Always try to hustle ● Living in Sicily: My Catania Accommodation ●  Sicily Travel Advice: Avoiding Killer Sheep Incredible history, great food, Greek temples to climb (read about it here).  Sicily is one of the best kept secrets in the modern world with cultural variation seen everywhere on the […]

Bungee Jumping Argentine Style

Spanish isn’t very different around world in comparison to other languages.  There are some countries in the world where two people from different provinces may not understand each other.  Spanish, and even Argentina Spanish, is roughly the same words with different accents.  There may be some words exclusive to a certain region or country but […]