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The Caribana Caribbean festival is the largest Caribbean festival outside of the Caribbean itself.  Caribana Toronto 2010 was no exception with people coming from everywhere (even the United States). We were able to allude security and walk inside the parade.  While I wouldn’t recommend it, it wouldn’t have been as fun unless you were involved in the parade. […]

Costumes At Caribana: Toronto, Canada

Caribana Pictures, Caribana Toronto, Toronto Caribana

The largest Caribbean festivals are held in Jamaica and on the island of Trinidad in Trinidad & Tobago.  Toronto is the host to the largest Caribbean festival outside of the Caribbean.  The name of the festival is Caribana and it also holds the title of being the largest festival in North America.  One of the unique […]



Mombasa BEACH! BEACH! BEACH! This is the Miami Beach of Kenya and also one of the main Kenya tourist attractions outside of the great migration.  Gorgeous beaches line the area like Watamu and Tiwi beach.  They even have isolated beaches like Lamu.  Did I mention the beach?  Watamu has great coral reefs providing great diving […]



When getting around Canada you are provided with many different options whether you are trying to get around a specific city or the country itself.  As I am 2/3 into my exploration of the country I have been able to take them all. Transportation in Canada is very simple and straightforward for any novice or […]

Upside Down Zip lining in Costa Rica

Upside Down Zip lining in Costa Rica

We spent part of our time in a hotel near Arenal Volcano to be able to see all the attractions near the Volcano.  Zip lining in Costa Rica was actually my first experience and it was better than I expected.  We had a group of guys that were extremely fun.  They let us zipline upside down, […]

Guide to Iceland Sightseeing Tours

Guide to Iceland Sightseeing Tours

Iceland is a massive country and if you want to see everything you either have to rent a car or take Iceland sightseeing tours.  Considering the cost of gasoline and renting a car, Iceland tours become much more feasible.  The most popular of are Golden Circle and South Coast.  Due to the aftermath of the […]

The Bright Avoidance At The Festival Of Laughs: Montreal, Canada

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My second day in Montreal left be in awe.  When you think of Canada and United States you really dont think of “culture”.  At least not the culture that you see in South America and Europe.  There are pockets in both countries that provide some culture but nothing like Quebec.  Montreal showed me a completely […]

Culture Shock Canada-Arriving in Toronto

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I decided to head to see Toronto Canada because I don’t planning on coming back to this side of the world after I head east.  I already have a draft of my itinerary around the world and wanted to make sure I get to see at least part of the great country.  I honestly was […]