Vacationing abroad and how to prepare for first timers

So, you finally decided to take your first trip to another country, however, you´re completely bamboozled at the processes you may, or may not need to take, along with being skeptical as to how you can get the best prices.  Take a look at the following tips to aid you in planning your trip abroad:

Country visas

For most countries in the world it will be necessary to apply for a visa in order to be accepted into the country.  This is often the most difficult and confusing process when planning your trip and in some cases, it could result in rejection after you have already paid for your holiday, which would be a huge waste of money.  Visas are legal documents and require that you specify your time of stay in the country, however in many cases this is not enough proof, they also require a flight reservation for visa to confirm your length of stay which is usually a document containing a confirmed and reserved flight itinerary.  In order to avoid losing a great deal of money you should take a look at Visa Reservation who can aid you in not risking a huge amount of money when applying for a visa.  

Booking your flights early

It´s not such a well-known fact for an unseasoned traveler but booking your flights around three months before the departure date can often be the perfect time to get the best prices.  Rather than searching on a specific airlines website, a good option to find great prices is to use a flight comparison site.  Using a price comparison site will give you the opportunity to put the date, location of departure and arrival, round ticket and any other details you need to include and it will display a plethora of flights which match your search from many different airline companies.  

Prepare for the location that you are visiting

A mistake that many people make is that they don´t prepare well enough for the location they are visiting.  If you´ve decided to visit Russia in the middle of winter then taking a suitcase full of shorts and t-shirts would be a terrible mistake.  Do your research beforehand on how the weather is going to be.  Remember that many countries are known as cold climate countries however they are also seasonal, a good example being Norway, in the summer they can hit temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius, so you don´t want to be taking thick clothes, woolly hats and scarfs.  

Get your money all ready

There is nothing worse than planning a trip, getting to days before and realizing that you are broke.  Make sure that you have tucked away a decent amount of money for the location that you are visiting, even do some research on how much things cost over there, you don´t want to get there only to realize that you have completely misjudged the economy and when buying yourself a beer it costs you half of your savings!

Hopefully the above tips will give you a little bit more help in preparing for your first vacation abroad and when you get there, remember you can now relax!


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