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The Portuguese Enigma: Stop Messing With My Head

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What the hell Portuguese?  You have taken my language learning prowess and completely torn it into shreds.  I can honestly say that Portuguese is my kryptonite (green rock that makes superman weak for my international readers).  I can compare the language to what I felt the first time I sent out to explore in Rio […]

Rio De Janeiro Reminds Me of Israel, USA, & Latin America

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There is something very unique about not only Rio De Janeiro, but Brazil as a whole.  There are some countries that are similar to others and very few countries that are completely unique.  I wouldn’t consider Brazil to be entirely unique but the way that everything comes together is unlike any place in the world. […]

Finding A Place To Live in Rio: Incredibly Overwhelming

Monkey in Brazil

I arrived in Rio de Janeiro with high hopes of finding a place to live in a few days as I have done with other countries that I have moved to. I usually start researching for places online, get past the first initial wave of overpriced tourist vacation rentals, eventually finding the apartments that are […]

Itinerary around the world: Brazilian Thongs & Male Short Shorts

Itinerary around the world: Brazilian Thongs & Male Short Shorts

Well its official ladies and gentlemen, I am moving to Brazil.  I now have a different a focus other than just traveling around the world to see tourist attractions and get to know cultures.  I have been seriously slacking updating this travel blog because I started a brand new day trading company where I teach people […]

Learning How To Speak Brazilian Portuguese (Basic Expressions)

Learning How To Speak Brazilian Portuguese (Basic Expressions)

I can’t say that learning how to speak Portugese was easy, at the same time I can’s say that its the hardest thing to learn on the planet.  While Brazilian Portuguese is very different from Portuguese in Portugal.  I describe it as a mix of Spanish and French words with an drunk French accent.  I was able to […]

Carnival In Brazil & Malaria Of The Mouth

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Ah yes Malaria of the mouth.  If you haven’t heard about this new virus then let me enlighten you. It spreads vicariously by placing your tongue into a stranger’s mouth in Brazil of all places and during Carnival of all times. Every festival around the world has its own way of identifying itself and Carnival […]

First Impressions of Brazil

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I’m currently sitting in Tampa, Fl watching the Miami Heat game reflecting on my photos and experience in Brazil, you didn’t know I could multitask? Carnival is an experience that I think everyone should have. There are many people that were telling me to be extremely careful and I would have been but it seemed […]

2 Unique Things To See In Salvador, Brazil

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Boasting close to 200 million people, Brazil can easily be considered an absolute monster when it comes to culture.  They have their own unique dance (capoeira and samba) and have their own unique way of seeing things.  Salvador is a very special city since it is the very first capital of Brazil and also held […]