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Learning How to Speak Amharic in Ethiopia (basic expressions)

in Ethiopia Travel Blog, Travel Blogs, Travel Video

Curious about what language they speak in Ethiopia? Have no fear, WanderingTrader is here to teach how you everything you need to know.  Along with Hebrew, Amharic is one of the oldest written languages in the world.  Whenever I travel to a country I always try to at least learn all of the basic expressions to make sure that the local hustlers don’t try to rip me off.  I found a long time ago that when you say something in their language they will back off a lot faster than when you just look like a tourist.

Watch full video on Youtube (click link) –> Learning To Speak Amharic in Ethiopia

How Do You Say That In Amharic?

  • Hello- Salam
  • Goodbye – Ironically I use the Spanish Ciao and everyone understands
  • How are you – Salamnu
    • For a Girl – Salamnesh or Endem-nesh
    • For a Man- Salamnu
  • I am good: Indem-ne-nay
  • Thank you – Amah-Sigah-Nalu
  • Please, Your Welcome – Manalk
  • Yes: Ah-Ow
  • No: I
  • Okay: Eeshee
  • My brother: When-dem-neh
  • Oh My God!: Weigh-Neh
  • How Much (Does it Cost) – Seenta-No
  • Whats your name (male) – Sigh-meh-mah-no
  • Whats your name (female) – SIH-mesh-mah-no?
  • Pretty – Conjo
  • You Are Beautiful – Betam Conjo
  • My Beauty – Ene Conjo

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