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My travel blogs are written from my experiences traveling around the world, and they contain all the stories, tips, and awkward situations that I have gotten myself in. I have traveled to roughly 80 countries now and have visited all 7 continents. Traveling around the world has taken me to the from desolate deserts of Africa all the way to the tropical climates of Asia and South America.

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I didn’t get robbed in Johannesburg!

Gated doors in Johannesburg

I don’t think I have ever had as bad of a feeling about a city other than Johannesburg.  I met a young South African woman that grew up in the city while we were partying at Carnival in Brazil and she said to me “you can’t grow up in Jo’burg without getting robbed or mugged”.  […]

Curse You Central Africa!

Funny T-shirt from Livingstone, Zambia

Curse you Zambia!  After my trip to Israel I really thought I had my life figured out for a few days; live in Colombia for a few months, live in Israel for a few months, and go travel somewhere new for a few months.  Traveling to Zambia made me realize again how traveling around the […]

The Zambezi Hustle: Zambia

Kilamanjaro Cafe in Livingstone, Zambia

With no awkward hesitation the man says “Hello” and I of course reply back with “what are you selling?”  I have been jaded by life in Kenya where everyone wants to sell you something “for a really good price”.  He ignores my reply and says “where are you from my friend” and instead of getting […]

The Kibbutz Experience: Israel

Picture of the Kibbutz

Shabat Shalom said the man.  I was still trying to learn other Hebrew words in Israel to expand my complicated language skills, I was already starting to mix Swahili with Hebrew.  We were headed to a Kibbutz to have dinner during Shabat which is the Jewish version of Sunday.  Normally, only members of the Kibbutz eat […]

I’m a Jollyboy in Zambia!

victoria falls hostels, hostels in livingston

The Zambian people don’t stop their hospitality at random conversations on street corners and in front of the entrance of the Victoria Falls.  Not even the lime transporting truck driver that was from Congo could resist being hospitable once he crossed the Zimbambwe border into Zambia (he gave us a ride into the city). Google […]

The Western Wall in Jerusalem

The Western Wall in Jerusalem is one of the oldest and significant things that you can find in the world today.  There aren’t many things in the world that have so much history and mean so much to so many people.  Walking to the Western Wall was a very surreal experience and it felt a bit […]

No Homo: Colombian Style

men on the colombia coast

This obscene gestures you will see in the pictures below are something that is very common around the world.  In the United States however, you will never catch a man caressing another man on a motorcycle.  For my older viewers, no homo refers to a joke that young men say in the United States when […]

Exploring the Religions of Israel: The Druze

Druze women

The Druze is the second religion that I encountered that I had no idea existed on my trip to Israel.  I connected immediately with the Bahai Faith but the Druze religion has a few aspects that I found complex and rather unusual.  We were able to spend an evening in a typical Druze village and restaurant […]

Taking Travel For Granted

Perito Moreno Glacier, glacier in argentina

They say that travel is the best teacher, I really can’t describe how my perceptions and thoughts have changed while I have been traveling around the world during the last year.  I was born in a third world country, raised in a 1st world country, spoke 3 different languages at the age of 20, and […]

Conquering Eastern Africa (Madagascar & Vic Falls Too!)

Map of Africa

The time has come to explore all of Eastern Africa.  So far I have only explored Nairobi, considering that I have been officially living in Kenya for about 2 months and my South Sudan Visa is going to take longer than expected, I decided start my journey at the Victoria Falls.  The main reason is […]