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My travel blogs are written from my experiences traveling around the world, and they contain all the stories, tips, and awkward situations that I have gotten myself in. I have traveled to roughly 80 countries now and have visited all 7 continents. Traveling around the world has taken me to the from desolate deserts of Africa all the way to the tropical climates of Asia and South America.

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Trapped in-between cultures: Who am I?

Trapped in-between cultures: Who am I?

First let me tell you a little about my history:  I was born in a South American country and grew up in a part American/part Latin culture.  My first language was Spanish but I also speak English, Italian, and conversational French and Portuguese.  I by no means look Spanish with pale white skin and green […]


blue lagoon, blue lagoon iceland

The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most popular attractions drawing the attention of hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.  The lagoon is actually a geothermal spa fed by water from a nearby geothermal plant.  The water originates near a lava flow from 6,000 feet at its deepest level (2,000 meters).  The actual lagoon […]

What I’m most excited about living in South America

Planning a trip around the world

The reason why I chose South America first is because there are so many things to see in the east that once I leave this part of the world I don’t plan on coming back (at least not to the United States). I’ve been planning my trip for some time and currently have an overall draft of […]


I love this video because it shows the passion that these people have for festivals.  There are many things that Caribbeans are proud of and at the top of the list are their festivals and Caribana in Toronto Canada is no exception.  Great music with great people and one of the great things about Caribana […]


caribana in toronto canada, caribana 2010, caribana 2011, caribana toronto, caribana, caribana parade

This is one of my favorite costumes that I saw in the entire parade.  You can see in the back left of the picture the mobile gate that was formed to keep tourists out.  I of course am one of those guilty tourists that decided to jump the fence.  If you ever plan on attending […]

Video from the Mosaika Light & Sound Show

This is during the middle of the show when emphasis is places on the railroads that united the country.  The video is just over 2 minutes long and gives you a great idea of what the show is about.  If you would like to see more Mosaika pictures you can see the Mosaika review post […]

Living in Sicily: My Catania Accommodation

Living in Sicily: My Catania Accommodation

My stint in Sicily lasted over a year and it was amazing.  I’ve never even considered going to Sicily until my uncle told me about everything there is to see there.  Once I started googling the pictures of Sicily like Taormina I was hooked and knew I had to go and visit to see all the tourist attractions […]


Parliament hill in Ottawa, things to do in ottawa, ottawa sightseeing, parliament hill

Many people don’t consider the things to do in Ottawa.  Unfortunately the capital is often neglected by the cooler cities in the country such as Toronto & Vancouver.  Ottawa is the 4th largest city in Canada and is the political capital of the country as well. There is quite a bit of history in the city and […]