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The Eyes Of A Cheetah-Nairobi, Kenya

in Africa Pictures, Cheetah Pictures, Safari Pictures, Travel Blogs

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No I will not lie and say that I took this bad ass picture on my safari in Kenya.  What I will say is that it was taken at Safari Walk inside the Nairobi National Park.  There were two cheetahs in the park and they were great posing for pictures.  The one that you are seeing now is obviously the female and she was much darker than the male which was sitting just to the right of her.  What I loved about this cheetah is the eyes.  I actually googled “cheetahs eyes” to see if they others were similar to hers.  I found it very unique the combination of a hush yellow town with the black features.  All of the cheetahs I have seen on safari had very different eyes.

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