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A Beautiful Day At Stonehenge

in England Pictures, Travel Photos From Around The World


The day at Stonehenge in England couldn’t have been any better.  Living in London for two months October & November I started to get accustomed to the horrible weather that England (and London) are known for.  I scoured the internet for weather reports and finally found a day where partly cloudy and “low chances of sun” were expected.  What it turned into was a fantastic day at not only Stonehenge, but also Windsor castle & the city of Bath.  I was able to see in one day what England is known for; London, the Roman baths in Bath, England, and Stonehenge.

Most people don’t know that Stonehenge is also blocked off to the public.  In the past anyone was allows to go up to and be inside of the rock formations.  Even though it is blocked off now you are still able to get quite close to the formation to take pictures. The picture above is from the farther side of the formation.

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