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Pictures of Israel and Israel Photos so you can see the country from a different light

The Bahai Gardens in Haifa, Israel

Bahai Gardens in Haifa

This was another surprise for me while on my trip to Israel.  Before I ever arrived in Israel I only thought that there Muslims, Christians, and Jews living in Israel.  Turns out Israel is the center of another very fast growing religion called The Bahai Faith.  The Bahai Gardens is the most holy site for […]

Dinner & Sunset at the Sea of Galilee: Israel

sunset at the sea of galilee

Seeing the Sea of Galilee for the first time was very powerful.  It seems like anytime you turn the corner in Israel there is another piece of important history.  The first view was high on the mountain during the day.  After taking pictures we proceeded to the Syrian border and then made chocolate before we started […]

Entrance To The Tomb of Jesus: Jerusalem

tomb of jesus jerusalem

The Tomb of Jesus has a certain aura around it.  To be in front of such a significant place for so many people really hits you hard.  Another thing that was extremely interesting is how people behaved inside the actual chamber and also how thousands of people lined up to enter the Tomb of Jesus. […]

Dead Sea Reflections: The Jordan Border

the dead sea, dead sea jordan

When we were visiting the Dead Sea we actually had a crazy idea of swimming to the Jordan border.  Being that you can’t put your eyes underwater under fear that your eyes would sting for days we forfeited that idea.  This picture was taken as we were leaving the Dead Sea in Israel.  I can’t […]

The Faces of Jerusalem: The Clergy Man

jewish rabbi in israel

I mean seriously, how cool is this guy.  He is one of the few people that was very nice about getting his picture taken in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel.  I really don’t know what else I can say about this guy.  He was chilling where Jesus’ tombstone is in Jerusalem, automatic cool points.  And look […]

The Kibbutz Bee in Israel

black bee, kibbutz bee

I arrived in the Kibbutz today to see what the Kibbutz lifestyle is all about.  Apparently it involves bees that work out and take steroids.  Look at that thing!  We arrived just before the sun went down so I made sure to walk outside and start taking pictures.  I had to tip toe around a […]

The Jaffa Clock Tower: Israel

jaffa clock tower,

Enter Jaffa, Israel.  Its thought to be one of the oldest cities in the world.  Who would have thought that just outside the party mecca of Israel (Tel Aviv) there would be a city with so much history? Aside from partying, Tel Aviv is also home to one of the fastest growing hi-tech sectors in […]

Back Flips Into the Jordan River: Israel

jordan river

The Jordan River. THEE JORDAN RIVER.  Yesterday the Once in Lifetime Crew took us to a Kibbutz where we were able to swim on the Israeli side of the Jordan River.  I of course had to do my holy back flip into the water.  God did bless me with a great landing but he took my hair […]