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Paradise in Madagascar

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This is what I had the pleasure of looking at for two days on the southwest coast of Madagascar.  Its a small city of Ifaty with a great hotel where I made a great Malagasy friend.  The most popular beaches in Madagascar are found on the northern coasts of the island while most beaches in […]

A Lemur in Madagascar

Lemur, lemurs, lemuarian

This Lemur was found in the Tsingy National Forest in Madagascar.  If you didn’t know this is where you can find the stone forest in Madagascar and if you drive from the city of Morondava you will be able to find the Avenue of the Baobabs as well.  You can find the Lemurs in most […]

Pousse-Pousse Drivers in Madagascar

Pousse Pousse driver in Madgascar

The Pousse Pousse drivers in Madagascar are a whole different breed of people.  These guys work extremely hard all day running around carrying people in their little carts similar to a tuk tuk (they call them pousse pousse in Madagascar).  If you notice in the picture above you will see that some of the pousse […]

Faces of Madagascar: The Fisherman

A fisherman in Madagascar, fisherman

The people of Madagascar are very different.  You will see how people of all walks of life have combined into one culture as you travel through different regions in Madagascar.  What you see above is a typical fisherman which is also be a canoe driver (seems like everyone is a fisherman in Madagascar).  They typically […]

Gorgeous Sunset in Madagascar

Sunset in Madagascar, sunsets, pictures of sunsets

This sunset in Madagascar is what I had the pleasure of seeing every single evening.  We took a 4 day canoe trip down the Tsiribihina river (southwest coast) on our way to see The Stone Forest & the Avenue of the Baobabs (so excited).  Its funny because the only reason that I came to Madagascar for […]