Travel Photos & Pictures From Around The World

These travel photos and travel pictures are the ones that I have taken from around the world. Having taken travel pictures and travel photos in just over 80 countries now I share them all here. In the future I do plan on posting one travel photo a day to catch up on all of the pictures I have taken from around the world.


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This is on the lower trail of the Iguazu Falls where you can get the most panoramic view on the Argentina side.  These falls are extremely more impressive than the famous Niagara Falls and much less touristic as well (see comparison here).   You can walk the lower trail to where you board the speed […]


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Plaza Independencia is one of the main squares that any tourist will cross touring the once glamorous city of Montevideo.  In the center of the plaza you will find a monument depicted the great General Artigas.  Once you snap a few pictures and continue walking you will find a set of stairs that lead you under the monument.  Its […]


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This was on one of the tours that I took in the Atacama desert that I would highly recommend to anyone.  The roads are so rough that you are not able to go yourself and need to take a 4×4.  A max of 4 people are also allowed on the tour and they even feed […]


cars in paraguay, pictures of paraguay, security in paraguay

Not many people go to Paraguay and the main is reason is because the country is overlooked with the likes of Argentina, Peru, and even Brazil.  First I would like you to guess what the vehicle was carrying.  Rice.  Why would you need so much security for rice?  I honestly dont know because I was […]

The Blonde Penguin – Antarctica

The Blonde Penguin - Antarctica

Found at the massive Gentoo penguin colony in Port Lockroy, Antarctica, this penguin is not a victim of being Albino.  It just has a loss of pigment in its skin.  It was quite unique and we were very lucky to have a world renown biologist and penguin expert, Frank Todd, on board the ship.  Don’t forget to check out other […]

The Lemaire Channel – Antaractica

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The Lemaire Channel in Antarctica is a strait between the mainland continent and an island.  On a calm day you will have calm blue water that reflects the amazing snow capped mountains.  The first time we tried to cross the channel it was blocked with a straight line of icebergs due to the winds.  When we tried […]