Travel Photos & Pictures From Around The World

These travel photos and travel pictures are the ones that I have taken from around the world. Having taken travel pictures and travel photos in just over 80 countries now I share them all here. In the future I do plan on posting one travel photo a day to catch up on all of the pictures I have taken from around the world.


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The old streets of Montreal on full display ready to charm you like the streets of Paris.  Many of the streets where actually blocked off in the old town during my very first trip to the historic part of town.  I was able to meat a great group of travel bloggers for the first time […]

The Streets of Taormina, Sicily

pictures of Taormina, pictures of sicily

Taormina is a tourist trap by any means.  There are tourist shops at every corner and while the streets and architecture are incredible to see, the only other thing to see in the city is a Greek Theater that gives an incredible view of Mount Etna.  Its also about an hour away from Forza d’Agro […]

The Real Argentina They Won’t Show: El Tigre

tigre argentina, argentina delta, el tigre argentina ,

They will show you the gorgeous European capital and the delicious steak you can buy but what they wont show you are the extreme poor that live in the outer realm of the bustling capital.  Blessed with natural beauty and resources, Argentina is also plagued by poverty and corruption.  This picture was taken at the […]

La Portada: Antofagasta, Chile

la portada, la portada chile, unique rock formations, pictures from chile, la portada antofagasta

This was the beginning of my drive through the Chilean coast.  La Portada sits very far outside the coastal city of Antofagasta crossing the Andes mountains through two valleys.  If you are planning on seeing La Portada then make sure you stop by the tropic of Capricorn which is just up the road.  As you keep driving […]

The Brazilian Favela

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If you didn’t know in Brazil they have specialized swat teams that enter the favelas since its so dangerous.  Brazil will be hosting the 2014 World Cup as well as Olympics in 2016, they are furiously cracking down on drug lords and gangs (see video here –> Brazil Favela Video).  I found this area unusual […]


elephant seals, pictures of elephant seals, elephant seals in argentina

Puerto Madryn is the place to visit in Argentina if you are an animal lover.  At almost every point in the area there is an opportunity for you to get better acquainted with your animal lover side!  One of the great thing about Puerto Madryn (and surrounding areas) is that you are actually able to get up […]

Photo Essay – The Children of Argentina

Photo Essay - The Children of Argentina

I made sure to get a picture of a kid in every part of Argentina that I traveled to.  Many broke stereotypes and others made my time more enjoyable.  Enjoy! CORDOBA- This is by far one of my favorite pics, caught him right in heat of the battle.  Kids: say no to cigarettes. 🙂 BUENOS […]

El Tronador Glacier in Bariloche, Argentina

pictures of bariloche, bariloche argentina, tronador glacier, glaciers in argentina

The literal translation for the name of this glacier is: Tronador=Thundering.  When the chunks of ice break off the glacier laying on top of the mountains it literally makes a thunderous roar.  We were lucky enough to see a mini avalanche from the ice breaking off of the glacier.  The water at the bottom of […]

Food in Argentina: Meet the Butcher

food in argentina, food from argentina, steak in argentina

His name is Jose and if you happen to be in the San Telmo market make sure to stop and buy some good meat from him.  I call him Giuseppe simply because he is Italian and well, everyone in Italy is called Giuseppe (then he’ll know I sent you and no I dont make a commission). […]