Gondolas On The Grand Canal In Venice

Gondolas On The Grand Canal In Venice

These gondolas on the Grand Canal in Venice were one of my favorite sites of the city. Every day I would get up at 4 or 5 in the morning in order to see the sunrise at the main square called Piazza San Marco. Who am I kidding? I would actually stay up all night working and then leave the incredible hotel view in front of the Grand Canal and sleep during the day.

If one wants to see the gondolas on the Grand Canal in Venice and take great pictures it is highly recommend to get up in the morning.  During the blistering summer months you will also be able to avoid the heat and enjoy the peaceful mornings.  This view is at the end of Piazza San Marco look towards the Grand Canal.

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  1. I loved the gondolas in Venice. It was very expensive though, so we weren’t able to go. Our hotel did offer a free boat ride to Murano island, which was so much fun. Along the way, we passed a floating cemetary. So surreal!

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