About The Project

Iceland - Waiting for Northern Lights

Those who obtain success have a certain amount of responsibility to those that are still looking for it.  I am by no means where I want to be in life, but I can describe it as the beginning.  I feel that with success of any form, you have the obligation to help those that have less  or are trying to reach their success (however you define it).

And that leads me to The Project.

Costa Rica - Arenal Volcano

I am a Day Trader in the stock market and I love to travel.  Day Trading is the simplest hardest thing to do, very simple concept but very hard to to be profitable at it.  Why Day Trading? Very low barriers of entry, extremely lucrative, and freedom – you can do it anywhere in the world. Why Travel… Why not?  Who doesn’t like to experience new things… they always say travelling is the best teacher.

Argentina - Casa Rosada

Day Traders need internet to work, high speed internet at that.   Its not an investment technique where you can access it here and there.  Day Traders need a constant high speed connection to work.   How many places in the world that have high speed internet?  Everyone needs an internet connection to work or to connect with their friends and family.  In this blog you are going to discover everything you need to know about living and moving overseas, travelling, and working abroad (day trading in our case).  In the process, we will be able to give you details and reviews about every place we relocate to.

Yes thats right, we aren’t going on vacation, we plan on moving to these countries.

Agrigento, Sicily

Work from Paris? How about the Paris of the South? We (a group of day traders) plan on stepping outside of our comfort zones and finding out everything you need to know to trade around the world.  Come join us as we relocate to different countries around the world providing you reviews, stories, and tips on all our travels.

Peep my about me section if you want to know more about me! See you on the other side.

Marcello Arrambide

~Wandering Trader