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Wandering Trader is an independent travel blog that is seeing consistent growth since its inception.  If you’re interested in reaching out to a broad base of travelers, travel bloggers, gap year students, and anyone looking for travel tips and products, then you have come to the right place.

Our biggest audience is in the USA, but we also have significant traffic from around the world including UK, Australia and Canada.  You can contact me through the contact form on the site or via the following email:

admin [@] wanderingtrader [dot] com.

Here is a list of what we offer in a nutshell.  You can find more detailed information by scrolling down.


Wandering Trader’s Stats as of January 2016

  • Unique Visitors – 157,000
  • Google Pagerank: 4
  • Domain Authority: 47
  • Alexa Rank:  – 87,000
  • Klout Score – 64
  • Twitter Followers – 112,000
  • Facebook Fans – 189,000
  • Instagram Followers – 26,800
  • Youtube – 6,000+ Subscribers/Over 2.3 million views
  • Pinterest – 8,500+ Followers


Press + Social Media Trips

Do you have a brand, product, or service that you would like to share with the world?  I am an established travel writer with the ability to leverage social media, an established brand, and an active audience to promote your product or service. We have worked with the following brands:

  • Tourism Board of Israel
  • Tourism Board of Flanders (Belgium)
  • Tourism Board of Jordan



Preferred payment for all advertising and promotion is via PayPal.com.  We can create a payment subscription, pay via bank account, or credit card.  You do not have to be a member of Paypal to make a payment through the online merchant.



We offer both site wide banner sponsorships as well as topic specific.  To give you an example of whats possible you can see the Canada mini site created within Wandering Trader (click here).

If you are looking for a topic specific advertisement have a look around the site, I have traveled most of the globe and will be able to offer you something you are looking for.

E-mail your banner and URL to admin [@] wanderingtrader [dot] com



I have always loved to learn since I was little.  If you are interested in having a product reviewed (travel product, technology), website reviewed, or even a service, I am always willing to provide my honest opinion on the product or service.

All reviews includes images (when appropriate) and links back to your website.  All reviews are an average of 300 words in length and are posted on the front page of the site for at 3-5 days, depending on content.

You will be exposed to the Wandering Trader audience through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels.  The post will exist permanently in the archives.


If you would like to know more about me then check out: about the project.  Otherwise, take a peak around the site and let me know what you think.