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Lake Fryxell in Antarctica

Travel junkies often count the number of countries and continents they have been to.  They will often say “I’ve been to 6 continents and the only one I am missing is Antarctica”.  Not that it’s that hard to travel to Antarctica it’s simply more complicated than hopping on a plane and arriving on the great continent.  Good Antarctica travel tips are crucial due to the fact that there is no commercial airport there.  The cities that you need to travel to often require two or more connections.

There are no native people from Antarctica and there is no formal government there either.  There are a group of nations that follow the Antarctica Treaty that was created in 1959.  Essentially, these laws created by the treaty are followed by over 40 nations today.  It’s essential to review your Antarctica travel tips for the company you choose to travel with because only 100 people are allowed to land in Antarctica at one place at a time.  If you travel with too big of a group you won’t be able to walk on the continent but if you travel with too small of a group then it will get to be prohibitively expensive.

One of the delights of traveling to the white continent is to walk among the emperor penguins that are roughly 4 feet tall and can reach 100 lbs in weight (that’s what I want to see I’ll admit it).  Who wants to just sit in a ship and watch everything?  It would be a lot more fun to be able to step foot on Antarctica and walk among the various animals.  Plus you can say you actually stepped foot on the 7th continent that most people never travel to.

The main method of travel is via cruise ship.  There are luxury cruises that last for up to a month or more and even smaller cruises where you have just enough time to see the continent.  While choosing the best company, make sure the Antarctica travel tips include details about food and your costs after you pay for your trip.  Many companies will offer a deeply discounted rate but you then have to pay for everything when you are on the trip.  There should be a balance between the two.

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