Best Things To Do In Buenos Aires: Tourist Attractions

The tourist attractions in Buenos Aires are as close to European charm as you can get.

The city is one of the largest and most dynamic places in the entire world which is why I decided to live in Buenos Aires for a span of 4 months.

At the turn of the 20th century, Buenos Aires was a charming, cosmopolitan, and cultural city known the world over.  Everyone in the world wanted to either visit the city or move there.  Also dubbed the nick name “The Paris of the South”, the city has a European flare with a Latin twist.

While the city has been on the downturn due to lack of maintenance it still has its charm if you look for it.  The moniker “The Paris Of The South” can still apply when you roam around the city.  You could explore the city for weeks if you really wanted to, here are the best things to do in Buenos Aires.

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La Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires

From a person who has lived in Buenos Aires I can personally attest that Buenos Aires is changing rapidly. The decay of the city is running rampant but it is still a very dynamic city to visit and have a great time.

Corruption and bad decisions have sent ripples through not only the capital city, but throughout the entire country of Argentina.  Here are the top 5 things to do in Buenos Aires:

Admire the Architecture:

Buenos Aires Architecture, buildings in Buenos Aires, architecture in buenos aires

Architecture along Ave 5 de Mayo

Europeans have left a significant impact on the way of life in Buenos Aires.  If someone dropped you off in the middle of the city without telling you where you were, you would instantly feel like you where in Europe.

There is gorgeous architecture to see throughout the entire city; incredible government buildings, quaint cobble stone streets, endless squares to spend your time, and even great churches and cathedrals.

Don’t forget to visit the famous Recoleta Cemetery in the ultra trendy Recoleta neighborhood.  You can see great pictures of Buenos Aires and Argentina in our pictures section (click here).

Boca Juniors Soccer Game:

Nothing will prepare you for the chaos that ensues at a Boca Juniors Soccer game.  Argentinean’s are so passionate about soccer they revere Maradona, one of the best soccer players in their history, just as high as previous presidents.

The game you want to attend is the “superclasico” (super classic), the infamous game between bitter rivals Boca Juniors and River Plate. (Click here for another great video)

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This pictures is from the SECOND ROW in the stadium

Askmen.com says “the rivalry between these two teams make the Red Sox & Yankees relationship look loving”.  While watching the game you will actually feel the stadium shake under your feet.  Security is set up blocks away from the stadium, La Bombonera, and the fans are so serious about their soccer they have a funeral on site where die-hards are buried.

Nightlife & Food

There isn’t a party like a Buenos Aires party and their certainly isn’t steak like the ones found in Buenos Aires either.  The party starts at 2am and doesn’t stop until after the sun comes up.  Even fanatical party animals from around the world can’t handle the first few nights in Buenos Aires.  Make sure you head to Palermo Soho for the best bars and clubs in the city.

The food in Argentina is not that much different but what you want to really try is a steak; no hormones, a few dollars, cooked on a succulent grill called an Asado.  If you haven’t had a steak in Buenos Aires then your vacation is not complete.

The Arts

Colon Theater, Buenos Aires theater, theater in buenos aires, teatro de colon

Inside of Teatro de Colon in Buenos Aires

Such a cosmopolitan city wouldn’t be the same with the arts.  There are a handful of very good art and history museums in the city.  The Museo de Bellas Artes in Recoleta hosts a few Rodin statues and the history museum in San Telmo gives you a great peak into the history of the country.

The Colon Theater (closed until March 2011-tentative), is one of the most famous theaters in all of Latin America.

While Argentina does market itself as the birthplace of Tango, the once popular dance is more about the history of the country rather than a popular thing to do today.

La Boca & San Telmo

la boca Argentina, el caminito, pictures of la boca, pictures of buenos aires,

Building along the caminito in Buenos Aires

These are the most historic barrios (neighborhoods) of Buenos Aires.  La Boca is the very first barrio in Argentina and its Caminito is not only a tourist trap, but a unique cultural experience.  You can see Tango being danced at almost every café, tourist shops on every corner, and great picture taking opportunities.

La Boca is dangerous at night so make sure you go only during daylight and leave a few hours before sunset.

San Telmo is one of the only barrio’s that show the true history of the city.  Plaza Dorrego is famous around the world as a place to sit back, watch some tango in the square, and enjoy a delicious café con leche (coffee with milk).

This is the neighborhood where I was living in Buenos Aires and is the area where I would recommend you look for an apartment instead of a hotel.