Best Things To Do & See In Argentina: Tourist Attractions

The things to do in Argentina are really endless.  It’s is the 2nd largest country by area in South America and the third largest in the southern continent by area.  It is also the 7th largest in the world in terms of area.  The landscape and the resources that the country has is absolutely breathtaking.  While you can find plenty of Europeans and Australians visiting, it is also becoming a popular destination among many tourists.  The top 5 things to do in Argentina:

Iguazu Falls:

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Great Panoramic Shot of the Iguazu Falls

When you actually see the falls you will witness a true wonder of the world.  Niagara Falls is very popular in the states and heavily publicized around the world but they do not compare to the Iguazu Falls.  There are 275 waterfalls throughout the national park protected by Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

On the Argentine side you can walk up to the heart of the Devil’s Throat which is a very impressive site to see (see video here).  When there do not feed the animals because they will do anything for food (the scars on my leg can attest to this).

The Brazil side of the Iguazu Falls are also impressive but consider how much time you have since you are required to get a visa for Brazil.  Here is a comparison of Niagara Falls with Iguazu Falls.


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Vineyards in Mendoza

Mendoza is the Napa Valley of Argentina.  Home of the Argentina favorite Malbec, these region combines the perfect balance of fertile soils and temperature to raise delicious types of wines.  You can take a wine tour in the region, go white water rafting, take a look at the unique Inca bridge, and most importantly go para gliding through the Andes Mountains (my favorite).

Bueno Aires

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The city that was once the envy of the world is now in a state of severe deterioration.  The Europeans came and left a charm to the city that was once known as the Paris of the South.  While you can start to see the cracks there is still plenty of charm around the city for women, men, and even couples!  The cosmopolitan city will give you great parties until the sunrises, great restaurants where you can try some of the best meat in the world, and great activities in the streets such as tango!

Glaciers & Andes Mountains

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Picture of the Andes Mountains

The highest peak in the western hemisphere can be found right the heard of Argentina.  There are great adventures for hiking and even the avid climber.  The beauty that can be found in breathtaking and you can pick and choose where in Argentina to see them depending on your tastes.  Glaciers in Calafate will astound you and the views from the peaks will truly take your breathe away.


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Penguins in Puerto Madryn

There are an unlimited amount of things to do in Argentina.  You can visit the self proclaimed ‘Southern Most City in the World’ and even send your friends postcards from where the Pan American Highway ends!  There are penguins galore throughout the coasts if you visit the cities of Puerto Madryn and Ushuaia.  You can even interact with Penguins and the Sea Lions, walk among the colonies of a million penguins and touch and play with Sea Lions.  There is a great amount of isolation so make sure to bring plenty of fluids (a coat in the winter) and a nice packed lunch.  Be careful there are penguins and other animals that will come and eat your lunch!