The tourist attractions in Patagonia, Argentina, are simply incredible. You have direct access to animals where you can step inches from penguins, elephant seals, and sea lions as well. There are picturesque views throughout the entire region with glaciers, the Andes mountains, and also other unique land animals. When heading to Argentina you can easily spend your entire trip just exploring the tourist attractions of Patagonia.

The region is vast and the weather changes in an instant but that isn’t a reason to visit on of the most unique ecosystems in the world.  Getting around Argentina is getting tougher as the economy retreats back into a recession, that isn’t a reason not to travel on the famous road that Che Guevara took.  Here are the best tourist attractions in Patagonia:


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Chillin with Alfred

Puerto Madryn is one of the places in that is part of the poor man’s guide to Antarctica wildlife. The area around Trelew and Puerto Madryn are chocked full with wildlife. You can climb down a cliff to get inches away from elephant seals (be careful they are aggressive–> click here). At the Punta Tombo penguin colony you can see one of the largest Megellic penguin colonies in the world; walk among penguins, have them attack you, and even watch chicks being born. You can even scuba dive with Sea Lions and watch whales from Punta Nimfas. You should definitely put it on your list if you are an animal lover.


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The front of the Perito Moreno Glacier

One of the best Argentina tourist attractions in my opinion.  Calafate is the 2nd part of the poor man’s Antarctica. Here you can see the majestic Perito Moreno Glacier, which in my opinion, is one of the top three things to do in Argentina. Glaciers are the name of the game in Calafate, as well as the beginning of the Andean Mountain region. You cruise around the largest lake in Argentina and see incredible glaciers. Due to global warming, there are fantastic opportunities to see glaciers floating through the lakes.

Don’t forget to take trip to El Chaltan to see the majestic Monte Fitz Roy. You have great hiking opportunities in the area but the major attractions here are the glaciers including the Perito Moreno Glacier. You also have access to Torres del Paine, Chile’s own version of Patagonia.


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Picture from the water cruise leaving the Ushuaia

The self proclaimed “southern most city in the world” is actually not the southern most city. Puerto Williams in Chile, currently fights for the right to be considered the most southern most city in the world. Here you can have great animal experiences as well where you can view penguins, elephant seals, and whales.

You also have great hiking opportunities and the city also gives you access to Tierra del Fuego. The end of the Pan American highway ends in Tierra del Fuego. They have great centers for skiing, learning how to dog sled, and also a lake country. Don’t forget to take a cruise to see the “end of the world light house”, even though the real end of the world ends in Cape Horn.


Shipwreck in Tierra del Fuego Photo Credit: artificialowl.net

Shipwreck from Tierra Del Fuego. Photo Credit: Asado Argentina

The fishing capital of South America (Chile is just as good as well), the other cities in Patagonia are much more popular. This is the transfer station for those heading to Ushuaia via bus. Here you can see the end of continental Argentina, penguins (much better in Puerto Madryn and Ushuaia), and various other sea creatures as well. There is some history on the coast as well as you will be able to see the remains of ship wrecks as well.