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Iglesia San Francisco in Salta

The things to do in northern Argentina are vastly different than was the rest of the country. The once developing region has now become a haven for tourists with so many tourist attractions in and around the city of Salta.

In addition to Salta, you have one of the most amazing natural wonders in the world, the Iguazu Falls. Here are the top tourist attractions in northern Argentina:


This northwest region of Argentina is the equivalent of the southwest United States. The actual city of Salta is nicknamed “Salta la linda” (Salta the beautiful).

The city boasts gorgeous colonial architecture which shines vibrantly both during the day and at night (click here for picture).  They have a great group of museums in the city as well which boasts art work and artifacts from ancestors living in the region.

The train to the clouds (tren de las nubes) is a heavily promoted tourist attraction in northern Argentina that you should completely skip.  The train to the clouds is not worth it, the ride is extremely slow and the views are not that nice. You are better off renting a car and taking the north and southern loops.


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Meditating on the Salt Flats in Argentina


The region around Salta can be split into two separate sectors, the North and the South. The north is a desert type climate being semi-arid and dry. On the northern loop you have the privilege of seeing the Tropic of Capricorn, animals such as Llamas and Alpacas, and gorgeous natural scenery including the famous mountain of 7 colors (Cerro de siete colores).

  • Pumamarca – Where you can find the Cerro de Siete Colores
  • Tilcara – Part of the indigenous region where you can find the best empanadas in the world
  • Humahuaca – Where you can see the culmination of Spanish and indigenous cultures
  • Salinas Grandes – Incredible salt flats in the region


Cafayate region, pictures of Cafayate

The ravine in Cafayate region. Photo Credit: akworld.net


The southern loop of the Salta region is drastically different than the north. The south boasts a tropical paradise and mountains that you wouldn’t believe was there. There are valleys and unique geography similar to north bust vastly different.

  • Cafayate – Highlight is Quebrada de Cafayate (also known as Quebrada las Conchas, a ravine)
  • Cachi – Great small town with access to natural park with plenty of outdoor activities

The drive between Cafayate and Cachi is the most scenic. If you are able to visit both regions, the north and the south, you will realize that Argentina is a completely different country than you thought it was. Its not only a pasty white European influenced country.


One of the natural wonders of the world, this is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the world. 275 falls span the park that borders Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina. You can access the park via Brazil and Argentina. The tourist attractions for the Iguazu Falls are mainly on the Argentina side as you have to find a visa for the Brazilian side. The Brazil side is definitely worthwhile if you get the helicopter ride that gives you the aerial view which will certainty astonish you.