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Traveling to Buenos Aires can be one of the most unique experiences you ever have.  The often called “Paris Of the South” is easily one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.   The city has hardly been maintained so now it looks more like a poor mans Paris but you can still find buzzing nightlife in Buenos Aires, food that will fill your hearts desire, and even great activities like sightseeing and shopping.

Travel Warning: Be Very Cautious Traveling to Buenos Aires.  Argentina is in the middle of an economic crisis that is getting worse and crime is on the rise.  Be very careful.

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Most Popular Attractions In Buenos Aires:

  • Recoleta Museum
  • Architecture in Buenos Aires
  • Boca Juniors Soccer Match
  • Food in Argentina
  • El Tigre
  • La Boca
  • Museums
  • Presidential Palace
  • Plaza de Congresso
  • Presidential Palace
  • San Telmo
  • The Colon Theater