Best Places To Live In Argentina

Living in Argentina is both fun and terrifying. I did a lot of research when trying figure out the best places to live. When I first decided to move from the United States I decided to finish up South America before I headed east to Africa and Asia. I figured that once I headed east I wouldn’t be heading back to this side of the world since I plan on retiring in Europe.

One of the reasons that I decided to live in Argentina was because its one of the unique countries in the world that has everything to do. So much in fact, that I needed to keep seeing things in Argentina after I started living in Chile. The other major thing that I considered is the economic situation in the country.

Day Trader in the stock market exposes me to the global economic situation and Argentina is of the verge of another economic collapse. Inflation is through the roof at over 30% and crime is on the rise in major cities as well. Having visited all of Argentina I can recommend the the best cities to live.


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Park of General San Martin

Mendoza is the most American city that you will find in all of Argentina. Its the only city where I was able to find a Wal-Mart. Its a big enough city where you can find things to do and there are also a ton of things to do in the area. This is the heart of the wine country in Argentina and the city where you can access the biggest mountain in the western hemisphere, Aconcagua.  I’d recommend Mendoza to anyone since it has such a great balance.  Click here for pictures of Mendoza.


  • Weather is great year round
  • Crime is low
  • Lots of things to do in the area


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The capital of Argentina is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Commonly called the Paris of the South, this is the heart and soul of the country and also where law and order break down first. The arts in the city are overwhelming (in a good way) and the city is centralized to access all of the popular tourist attractions not only in Argentina, but in the entire area. Being the largest city in Argentina it can get dangerous, especially for those that don’t fit in or know what they are doing.

Petty crimes are common and with an upcoming economic crisis it doesn’t bode well for living in the city. The city is sweltering in the summer and does get quite cold for most people in the winter as well. Culture is both an advantage and disadvantage here since you have so much passion and arts in the city but at the same time you may encounter very rude porteños.  Good for anyone just keep an eye out for crime in the city.  Click here of pictures of Buenos Aires.


  • Location
  • Culture
  • Things to do


  • Weather – Extremes in both winter and summer (sweltering)
  • Crime
  • Culture


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The Courthouse in Cordoba

The 2nd largest city is a great place to visit and live. Crime isn’t quite as prevalent as in Buenos Aires and there are great cultural activities as well. Being a much smaller city you may tend to get bored easily. Its not as centralized and since everything goes through Buenos Aires you will have to fly or take a bus to Buenos Aires when you want to travel. The city of Cordoba is a college town which means that school is out the city can feel rather baron.  I’d recommend Cordoba for the younger crowd. Click here for pictures of Cordoba


  • Crime isn’t a big issue
  • Great for younger people


  • Things to do


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The Mountains in Bariloche

For those who want a more laid back lifestyle I introduce you to the Switzerland of Argentina. This place is snow capped mountains and chocolate shops all over the place. The city isn’t big by any means so you won’t be able to find many cultural activities but the surrounding area makes it up! You can find enough outdoor activities that your heart desires. If you want a bit more city with the outdoors then you should choose Mendoza. It is typically cold year round being in the Andes mountains and in Southern Argentina.  I would recommend Bariloche for outdoor lovers and the older crowd.  Click here for pictures of Bariloche.


  • Crime not an issue at all
  • Quite & Peaceful
  • Great for Outdoor Activities


  • Location
  • May be to small for most people

Places that didn’t make the list

  • Calafate – Tiny city meant for visiting not living
  • Rosario –Nice city but Buenos Aires & Cordoba are similar and better
  • Ushuaia – Southern Most City in the world – tiny city, not a lot of things to do. Bariloche better choice
  • Salta – City in northern Argentina with tons of outdoor things to do, Crime is an issue