Mendoza, Argentina

Inca bridge, inca mendoza

The Inca Bridge just outside Mendoza

Mendoza, Argentina is the heart of the wine country in the country and a Malbec wine is considered to be best.  Many people don’t realize all of the different things to do in Argentina like trekking the highest mountain in the western hemisphere, paragliding, and even a very unique bridge built by the Incas.  Easily reached from Buenos Aires you can also find a quick bus ride from Santiago, Chile to Mendoza.

Mendoza Informative Posts

Popular Things To do In Mendoza

  • Glacier Trekking
  • Horse Riding
  • Inca Bridge
  • Paragliding
  • Parque San Martin
  • Plazas in Mendoza
  • Termas de Cacheuta (Spas)
  • Trekking Mt. Aconcagua
  • Wine Tour & Tasting