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The tourist attractions in Argentina & top things to do in Argentina offer something for every traveler.  The country of Argentina is one of the most unique countries in the world in that it offers everything that a tourist could ask for, very similar to the United States.  Its a massive country in South America and the list of things to do in Argentina could really be endless.

I lived in Argentina for roughly 4 months and was able to see most of the major tourist sites.  Due to the economic problems in Europe, many Europeans are migrating to the charming capital, Buenos Aires.

Argentina is now beginning to have its own economic problems which is why I would urge to be careful when visiting the country.

Anything that your heart desires can be found in Argentina; from the award winning wine to the highest mountain in the western hemisphere, salt flats, great steak, access to Antarctica, and even glaciers and animals that you can get up close and personal with.

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Bueno Aires

Commonly known as the Paris of the South, it is internationally known for its impressive boulevards, outdoor cafes, and historical facades.  Being such a diverse city, this is usually the first place everyone explores for all the things to do in Argentina.  The cobblestone streets, boutiques, and shops give this city its exquisite old world European charm.

The city is also famous for its art and history museums as that  have become very popular.  The endless nightlife doesn’t begin until 2am and doesn’t end until sunrise and the city is the perfect combination for any traveler (especially for people like me: night owls).  Don’t forget to indulge in the café con leche, steak, and other meats that are readily available throughout the city.

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Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls

Taller than Niagara falls and twice as wide, the Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina are one of the most impressive sites that you will ever see in your travels around the world.  275 waterfalls cascade through the Argentinean and Brazilian national parks and once you see the Devil’s throat you won’t regret the trip (see video here).

Though one might be tempted to take a field trip and barrel over the edge, it is against the law so I would recommend the helicopter ride instead.

The Devil’s Throat is equally as breathtaking when standing right on top of the falls.  Don’t forget to take the boat ride on the river and into the falls as well as the truck ride through the forest.  Here is a comparison of Niagara Falls with Iguazu Falls.

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Vineyards in Mendoza


This picturesque city in the foothills of the Andes is right in the middle of Argentina’s famous wine country.  Commonly known as Argentina’s Napa and Sonoma valleys, here one can enjoy flavorful wines, fruits, and local delicacies.

Be sure to set aside time for viewing the varied countryside.  There is an extremely colorful Inca Bridge to see in the region and the tons of plazas to get to know in the city.  You can also find the western hemisphere’s tallest peak near Mendoza, Aconcagua.

Penguins at Puerto Madryn, Penguins, pictures of penguins

Penguins at Peninsula Valdez in Puerto Madryn, Argentina


There are few places on the Earth that are as isolated and beautiful as Patagonia.  It is one of the best kept secrets of Argentina and the world.  Hosting the self proclaimed “southern most city in the world”, Ushuaia is the gateway to Antarctica (Ushuaia is also a place where you can find cheap last minute cruises to Antarctica).

One can spend countless hours hiking, driving, and site seeing without running into other annoying tourists (I think you know you what I’m talking about).  One can also enjoy the numerous lakes and meadowlands that identify this area as one of the unique ecosystems of the world.

Because of the isolation its best to plan for a picnic, be advised however, uninvited guests (penguins) may arrive and plunder your sandwiches.

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Andes Mountains

Andes Mountains

The majestic mountains tower over the landscape forming the backbone of Argentina.  Glaciers defy the laws of gravity and skiing is widely available throughout many of the small rural villages found in this region.

Check out our Top 5 things to do on vacation for more things to do in Argentina.  We shot a great video in San Telmo Argentina of a great Buenos Aires sightseeing experience you will want to experience more than once!

Have fun on your trip!