Wonderfully Weird things to see in and around Miami


Miami is often thought of as the ultimate location for fun-seekers looking to have a thrilling tropical vacation… and let’s not kid ourselves Miami is pretty much the perfect place for having fun in the sun and partying all night…, however that doesn’t mean that this tropical paradise doesn’t have its mysterious or downright weird […]

Pros and Cons of Setting Up Your Own Business On-The-Go

Business Travel

For many people, the idea of being able to work from any destination in the world is the ultimate dream. Heading off to wherever you choose, with your laptop, phone and an internet connection does sound like living your best life but there are actually some downsides to this kind of freedom. If you are […]

Iconic places to visit around Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale

Chances are high that when you’re thinking on the most commonplace city for a tropical fun-in-the-sun type of vacation you´ll be thinking of something along the lines of Fort Lauderdale. Beautiful beaches, fair climate and quaint places to visit while wearing your favorite beach attire. There’s no wonder this city is one of the first […]

7 Places in Turkey That Students of History Must Visit

Blue Mosque

Turkey is one of the destinations with the richest history in the world, one that clearly shares messages from the Ottoman Empire and World War I. For a history student, this is an amazing architectural and cultural hub to visit. While others visit the beaches to spend their summer holiday in the all-inclusive hotels, history […]

How to Save Up for a Big Trip

Saving Money to Travel

What’s more exciting than going on a big trip that you’ve been planning for months? As the day of your departure grows near, the anticipation becomes much more palpable. However, before the elation really sets in, you should already have a plan in place for how you’ll save up. Big trips are expensive. This is […]

17 Careers That are Perfect for Moms Who Like to Travel

Travel Careers for Moms

Taking care of kids can give you the feeling that you’re often anchored to home, not having the ability to live the free-flowing lifestyle that you might’ve enjoyed during your younger years. However, many moms are able to travel with their kids and enjoy life on the road or abroad. It’s really just a matter […]

TravelSites.com – The Best Place for All Traveler Needs

TravelSites.com The World's Best Travel Sites List

If you’ve ever Travelled to an unfamiliar place before, you know how taxing planning can be from the get-go. From finding the right hotel to stay at, to booking for transportation when you get there, looking for the best (and cheapest) services can be difficult when you have to scour the Internet for it. And […]

Managing Your Bankroll While Taking Calculated Risks

Calculate Risk

If you’re looking for a job, or hobby, in which to take calculated risks, try gambling or trading. Like the old adage ‘no pain no gain’, without risks in these industries there’s not much reward. Of course, everyone needs to start with a bankroll. This is the amount of money you’ve allocated to play or […]

Take Steps To Make Sure You Have a Great Vacation

Vacation Time

If you took a survey of 1000 people and ask them what is the saying say most look forward to life, top three in that survey would be a great vacation. A vacation is a really important part of the average person’s life. It is something that they save and plan for throughout the year […]