Meet The Switzerland of Colombia: Guatape

Switzerland of Colombia Guatape

Meet the Switzerland of Colombia.  Climbing the foothills of the city of Medellin, one arrives at this man made location in roughly two or three hours.  The large lagoon that you see above at one point in history did not exist.  The Colombian governments in the 1970’s decided to flood the region to create a […]

Nine top tips for snagging that hotel upgrade

Getting away is great, getting an upgrade is even better. But how can you get an upgrade on your hotel room? For some hotel guests, asking for an upgrade is uncomfortable. For some hotel staff, being asked for an upgrade is tacky. So, how do you increase your chances of getting upgraded? Know your limits […]

7 Stops on a Self-Guided Walking Tour of Montreal

7 Stops on a Self-Guided Walking Tour of Montreal

One of Canadians’ favourite domestic destinations, Montreal beckons for a quick break this autumn. And even though Montreal isn’t one of the cheaper cities to visit in Canada, there are plenty of ways you can save money and still have a good time:Check out cheap vacation packages and incorporate lots of self-catering and independently organized […]

Head Away From Old San Juan and to Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Balneario La Montserrate

This is a guest post from a friend and fellow travel blogger Maria from LatinAbroad.com.  From pre-Columbian Taino-Indian petroglyphs to Spanish fortresses; gorgeous beaches to rainforest adventure parks: Puerto Rico is the kind of destination that draws thrill-seekers and history buffs alike. Better yet? La Isla Del Encanto is an unincorporated US territory, so no […]

5 Blue Mountains Meditation Venues to Bliss Out

5 Blue Mountains Meditation Venues to Bliss Out

If you find yourself pining for some time to yourself and feel a need to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, then a meditation retreat might be the right fit for your next holiday. Catering to a variety of participants who want to achieve goals such as clearing the head, learning […]

The Visiting Catalunya (Catalonia) Experience: Spain

Map of Catalonia

The Catalonia experience is the name of our new adventure in Spain.  I have been humbly invited by the Catalonian Tourism board to tour the entire state/region of Catalonia for over a week!  The official name of the program is Catalunya which is how it is spelled in the region’s mother tongue, Catalon. The Catalon […]

Hookah At the Dead Sea in Jordan

Hookah Pipe

Smoking hookah at the Dead Sea in Jordan is definitely something that you should put on the top of your top things to do in Jordan. When I first arrived at the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea hotel complex I immediately started exploring and found amazing pool after amazing pool.  Once I arrived at the […]

Veggie Shopping in Goa, India

Veggie Shopping in Goa, India

India is one of those places that you understand or you don’t. A fan on the WanderingTrader Facebook page set one day “there are two types of travelers, those who go to India and those who don’t”.  Things are done in such a unique fashion in the country and shopping is no different. There are […]

A Gondolier In Venice, Italy

A Gondolier In Venice

The Gondoliers in Venice are something else.  Some get really into their roles and others just allow you to enjoy the ride.  This picture was taken from the Accademia Bridge which crosses over the Grand Canal.  During sunsets one can take incredible pictures from this specific location.  Another unique feature of the bridge is that couples […]

Favela Texture: Rio De Janeiro

Favela Texture In Rio De Janeiro

The favelas in Rio de Janeiro definitely are not what they used to be. The country has been cleaning up its act and most favelas now have police. The country has started to clean itself up for the upcoming World Cup in 2014 and Olympics in 2016.  Before then, there was a significant amount of […]