People of Ethiopia: Priest in Lalibela, Ethiopia

people of ethiopia, ethiopia priests

Lalibela, Ethiopia is the self proclaimed 2nd Jerusalem of the world.  Lalibela is a very small town in the middle of the mountains in the northern part of Ethiopia.  All of the churches are built out of stone with some even being built inside of the stones in the area.  The town is so small […]

Gorgeous City of Merida, Venezuela

merida, merida venezuela

Merida, Venezuela has remarkable resemblances with Medellin, Colombia.  The city that is known as my home town is one of the  most picturesque and touristy cities in the entire country of Venezuela.  The city is much smaller (roughly 500,000 people) and a 727’s can barely fly into the airport since the runway is so small. […]

Lemur Hiding in the Trees: Madagascar

lemur, lemur madagascar, white lemur

This white Lemur we found playing with his friends when we stopped our canoe trip to swim in a local pool.  We were in the southwest region of Madagascar on our way to the Tsingy Stone Forest.  The lemurs are really fun to watch since they are both intrigued and afraid of people at the same […]

Island at Tayrona National Park: Colombia

tayrona national park

Tayrona National Park is something else to behold, it’s the Colombian Caribbean (outside the island of San Andres) and its exclusivity makes it both charming and a pain in the but to get to.  Once you walk a few hours and arrive at many of the locations along the coast, the heat exhaustion will certainly […]

Beach Picture Frame: Anakao, Madagascar

anakao, madagacar, anakao madagascar

Anakao, Madagascar is one very unique place.  The picture above was taken from the 3rd story of a building owned by the scuba diving company in the region.  I was able to get my advanced scuba diving certificate since Anakao has a very extensive coral reef in the region (Anakao is one the best places […]

The Baobab Tattoo Tree: Madagascar

sunset, sunset madagascar, sunset africa,

There is an entire array of different types of Baobab trees to see in Madagascar.  This specific one that you see above is called the tattoo baobab tree.  The nearby salt water permanently stains the trees which leads to the unique coloration that you see above.  There are trees that have all kinds of different […]

Sunset Over the City of Hargeisa, Somaliland

sunset, sunset picture, sunset somaliland

There is a lot of hidden beauty in Somaliland and seeing this sunset was one of those things that you can’t forget.  I saw this sunset on the last day that I was in Somaliland, just after I purchased my Somali tea, once we reached the top level of a local hotel near the market. […]

Bungee Jumping at the Victoria Falls Anyone?

bungee jumping, how to bungee jump

The Bungee Jump at the Victoria Falls.  What you see above is the gorge swing but right next door is the same place where you can get your Bungee on.  I don’t know what is more impressive, the terrified look on my face or the fact that my 15 year old Puma’s need a serious […]

The Countryside of Bariloche Argentina

bariloche, bariloche argentina, bariloche countryside

Bariloche, Argentina really has something magical.  The city and the surrounding areas are absolutely breathtaking and can only be described as the Switzerland of Argentina.  While Chile is better known as the Switzerland of South America, this unique city in the heart of Patagonia will knock you off your feet.  The picture above was taken […]

Sunset At The Avenue of the Baobabs: Madagascar

avenue of the baobabs

Seeing the sunset at the avenue of the baobabs one of the best things that I saw on my trip to Madagascar.  After coming back from a treacherous 6 hour drive from the stone forest the calmness and serene view of the sunset in-between the trees was fantastic.  Getting a view of the sunset is quite easy […]