Transportation in Canada: Via Rail Train Review

Canada Train Map, Canada train system

There are a lot of ways to get from point A to Point B in Canada, especially in the most popular route from Toronto to Montreal.  We discussed all your transportation in Canada options and even did a Canadian bus travel review so you can make the best decision on how to travel.  Now we […]

Travel Contest: Win $100 Cash Money

Travel Contest: Win $100 Cash Money

I have always been a big fan of a good story so I am launching a brand new travel contest, and no this isn’t a free contest, you get paid!  I am looking for the best travel story.  The story can be funny, horrifying, dramatic, romantic, deadly, whatever you think would be the best story. […]

Eating in Toronto: 500 feet in the sky

toronto skyline, toronto panorama,

With all the diversity that Toronto hosts everyone is able to find the most authentic food around the world.  You can think of almost any culture and find a restaurant that has it, from exotic food to host your Lebanese and Malaysian tastes to your good old American classics.  You can find a unique experience […]

Enjoying a Soccer Game in Argentina

Freshly after the win in the World Cup, Spain comes to Argentina to play an exhibition game.  It was played at the monumental stadium near the university and it was a great game.  Argentina takes its soccer extremely seriously and even though Spain didn’t play the majority of its starters, Argentina came out with the big guns. […]

Photo Story-A flight to Paraguay

flying argentina to paraguay

Most people dont realize the actual size of Argentina.  In terms of land mass, Argentina is in the top 10 largest countries in the world with a population of only 39 million people and is also the 2nd largest country in South America. Great shot of the clouds and the river.  You could also feel […]

Living in Toronto for $10 a day

apartment in Toronto, living overseas, living in toronto

My travels in Canada lasted for only 3 months but I packed a ton of fun and great learning experiences.  I learned a lot about Canada and Canadian culture.  I spent most of by time in the East and plan returning to see some of the unique things I didn’t have time to see such […]


3g frequencies

Want to travel and don’t really know how things are going to work with your cell phone?  I have done so much research on this topic that I now carry two cell phones with me overseas to be prepared for making international calls. We are going to cover some of the basics of things you […]


Mont Royal, Montreal skyline, views from Mont Royal

Montreal is like no place in the world with a unique fusion of American and French Cultures.  It is the 2nd largest French speaking city in the world after Paris.  I encountered culture shock in Montreal when I first arrived in the city as you really have a mixture of expectations.  You will pleasurably be […]



  Ah yes, it finally is that time.  You have decided to take the plunge into the unknown travel world and will be ready for people to see your underwear in the airport, take a dump in the Earth’s crack, climb a Greek Temple, and have your luggage melt at the airport tarmac (all stories […]