Best Things To Do & See In Chile: Tourist Attractions

The tourist attractions in Chile will surprise many and take the breath away of everyone else. The tourist industry in the country isn’t as popular as the rest of South America because it simply isn’t as exposed as Machu Pichu for example.

I was able to live in the country for close to 4 months and I was very impressed with both it’s efficiency and kind people.  Be prepared because you may not be able to understand most Chileans since they speak extremely fast in comparison to other countries.

You can find a great combination of history, natural splendors, and even something for the artsy crowd. The Atacama Desert is one of the most unique places in the world and the Chilean Patagonia is something not to miss.  There is significant work by Eiffel (Eiffel Tower) so make sure to look out for the architecture.

atacama desert, pictures of atacama desert, atacama desert chile

Salar de Tara in the Atacama Desert


The most popular tourist attraction in Chile second to only Eastern Island.  The Atacama Desert is the highest and Driest Desert in the world.  Unique rock formations will leave you speechless the entire time you are there; valle de la luna (moon valley), death valley, and dinosaur valley, to name a few (great picture taking opportunities in these areas).   You could literally spend an entire week exploring the area (it would be time well spent), look for accommodation in San Pedro de Atacama.

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Sunset at Easter Island-Photo Credit: bugbog.com


One of the most isolated places on Earth, it’s still an enigma to most people.  The lineage of the people in Easter Island is actually traced back to Polynesia and Micronesia, not the migration originally thought.  Its very easy to get around on the island and some tourists like to bike around the island.  Only LAN Airlines flies to Easter Island from Peru or Santiago.  Oh, and they have funny statues with hats on them, don’t forget to see those.

chile patagonia, patagonia in Chile, torres del paine, torres del paine chile

Torres Del Paine in Chile


Patagonia in Chile is one of the reasons why they call Chile the Switzerland of the South.  There are gorgeous snow capped mountains where the Andes tower over the border of Chile and Argentina.  The lake country in Chile is also very impressive, make sure to check cities off the beaten path like Chiloe.  The Torres del Paine national park is the most popular attraction in this region.  You can access the park via Calafate, Argentina, or Puero Natales in Chile.

santiago chile, pictures of santiago, pictures of sunsets, great sunset pictures

Sunset over the city of Santiago


The  tourist attractions in Chile are going to start in Santiago as all major flights come into the city.  Santiago is the engine that makes Chile run and the entire country is in the middle of an economic boom (in comparison to its neighbors).  There is great nightlife in an area called Bellavista, extremely interesting museums to visit, and even wine country nearby.  You can find great views of the the city from a 19th floor condo (picture above) or just find the cerros (hills) in the city.  The La Vega market in the center of the city is a must see!

Honorable Mention:  Chile is the host of the largest pool in the world.  You can find the pool at the Alfonso Del Mar Resort in Algarrobo, Chile, about a 2 hour drive from the capital.

valparisio, vine del mar, pictures of valparisio, flower clock, flower clock chile, flower clock valparisio

The Flower Clock in Valparisio, Chile


These two cities sit 1 hour from each other on the coast of Chile, roughly 2-3 hours from Santiago (longer if you go by bus).  Valparaíso can be described as an artsy town and one of the great things to see is the graffiti that defines the city.  Streets are lined with very creative portraits and unique art work.  Make sure to explore the Pablo Neruda museum in the city.  Just a short bus or taxi ride away is Vine Del Mar where you can find the famous flower clock.  The city doesn’t have that many attractions but you can find the beach if you are in the mood for some sun.