Medellin Nightlife

Medellin Nightlife

Picture of a Salsa Club during our Night out in Medellin

Nightlife in Medellin was an addiction for me.  The people of Medellin love to go out and have a great time with both friends and family.  One of the things that I loved to see when I went out in Medellin are the older couples that would dance better than you!  Most people in the city go out with groups of friends and especially family.

There are various hubs for Medellin nightlife which center around Parque Lleras.  If you aren’t into being with other gringos (tourists) then make sure to pick one of the other nightlife hubs.  One thing that you must know about Medellin nightlife is when it rains there is none, you are honestly better off staying home when it rains because no one goes out.  Also, don’t bother going out during Semana Santa.

We made the mistake of trying to find a good party only to find empty streets.  There are a few different types of clubs that include the list below.  Scroll down for a list of the clubs in Medellin.

  • Salsa Clubs
  • Reggaeton Clubs
  • Crossover Clubs (everything)
Going Out in Medellin

A poster at Bendito Seas

Things You Should Know About Going Out in Medellin

  • It is not uncommon for foreigners to be drugged and “taken for a ride” (happened to a friend)
    • Never leave your drink alone
    • Go Out in groups
  • Always take a taxi home
    • While Medellin is safe there are people that target tourists
  • You can take the bottles home with you if you haven’t finished them (love that!)

How Should You Dress To Go Out

  • Ladies you know what sexy is
  • Men
    • Jeans & T-shirt
    • Sneakers


Local Drinks in Medellin, Colombia

  • Aguardiente – Some people hate but Colombians love this stuff and with 29% alcohol content it will get you where you need to be in a hurry.  Taste a bit sweet and is licorice-flavored.  The most common brand in Medellin is Aguardiente Antioqueño and it is usually drank like a shot.
  • Ron – Rum is also popular with locals. The domestic brand is Ron Medellín Añejo and is usually drank with good old Coca Cola.
  • Cerveza – The Beers in Medellin usually arrive before the bottles of Rum & Aguardiente hit the table.  Most popular brands are Pilsen, Club Colombia, Aguila, & Costena.  Take my word for it, never try the Costena.  You can also try Tres Cordilleras (I never tried it).

My favorite Clubs

  • Thursday: Bendito Seas (crossover/reggaeton & ladies night)
    • 20,000 cover all you can drink until 12am
  • Friday: The End & Luxury (reggaeton)
  • Saturday: Mangos (Expensive)

Clubs in Medellin (Discotecas/Discos)

Parque Lleras

  • Bar Lovento – Carrera 42N #9 – 59
  • Bendito Seas – Calle 10A.
  • B-Lounge – Carrera 36 #10 – 38.  Wednesday nights are ladies night
  • El Pub de Octavia – Carrera 36 #8A – 110
  • La Octava – Calle 8 #37A – 49. Friendly rock bar – open 365 days a year.
  • Red – Calle 10 #40 – 15

Barrio Colombia

  • Amarna Unica – Carrera 43G #27 – 10
  • Indiana Bar – Carrera 43G
  • Karma – just off Carrera 43G
  • Kukaramakara Club – Carrera 43G #25A – 58. Live band.
  • Luxury Discoteca – Carrera 43G (opposite Trilogia)
  • Mia VIP Room – Calle 25 #43G – 25. Modern Miami-style club.
  • Prizma Discoteca – just off Carrera 43G, around the corner from Indiana Bar. Reggaeton only.
  • The End – Calle 25 #43G, on the same block as Mia. Reggaeton & electronica only.
    • One of the best Clubs in Medellin

Las Palmas

  • El Cuervo – Carrera 38 #26-260
  • El Pub – Carrera 38 #26-260
  • Dulce Jesus Mio
La 70 & La 33
Both of these areas are more strips with tons of bars lined up on the streets.  You can spend some time here in the early evening until you are ready to go out.