Curious of How Day Trading Works? Recorded Video of One Our Best Live Market Classes

The last 72 hours have been quite a whirlwind.

Just featured on the front page of BBC.com for three days running.  The interest in both Wandering Trader and my adventures day trading and traveling around have been nothing short of over whelming.

Everyone wants to be able to have their own financial freedom and design their own tomorrow.

So humbled to be where I am today and have the opportunity to teach others to reach their own dreams.


Due to the article I have received over 5,000 emails just to my personal email address.  I wanted to share a bit of insight into exactly how we day trade for a living.  I ran a live class yesterday for everyone in our training program at The Day Trading Academy (DTA).

And what a day it was.

This whole year has been full of opportunities for us. We have been sharing all of the things that we have invested in and other potential opportunities via an investing blog at DTA.

We plan on offering a monthly investing club where people can see all of our insights. It is a little overwhelming as we have had various private equity funds and hedge funds ask us our opinions on various topics. We even started having some of our traders manage investor accounts with the strategy that we use in the markets.

I don’t want to get over technical and confuse many of you that read this site for my musings around the world.  I did want to provide some insight into exactly how we are able to day trade. What a live trade looks like and what our live classes are all about. We like to have fun with our live market classes because making money and having a good time is what it’s all about.

Here is a short 8 minute video of the last part of the class. It was really incredible. Some of our traders made over 20 points ($10,000 with ten contracts in the E-mini futures markets).

For those of you that are new to the site I’ve made my home base in Medellin, Colombia. We are starting a day trading center here in Colombia and also in Brazil.  Yesterday two new Colombian traders made $3900 (USD) and today they are already up over $3600 today.

This all with the concepts that we teach on learning how to day trade.

We started internships with one of the best universities in the country and have nearly 50 traders now here in our center in Colombia. To give them the opportunity, that they otherwise wouldn’t have, to live their dreams through day trading is something I can’t describe.

If you would like to see the other class recordings you can click here to see the post at DTA.

We also created a new guide to day trading to give you an understand of how everything works. If you would like to download the guide feel free to click here (on DTA website).

We have some big announcements for the next few days! Really excited to be sharing it here on Wandering Trader.

Until next time.

Stay Profitable…..


  1. I am so delighted to know about your unique lifestyles of living and salute your achieving your dreams life and at the same time also envy you…hehehe…
    To More of your happiness…

  2. Hey Marciello…im done with NYC…im Colombian and want to relocate to Colombia…I would love to join your team and/or classes to start learning and hopefully become a day trader…Please tell me, what would be my first step? Serious as a heart attack!

  3. was wondering what trade site you use and if u could help me get started I live in Michigan I’ve been watching your you tube videos but still would appreciate your help thanks in advance. Greg

  4. I have done some trades a lot of trades in the past but because lack of automatic trading (scripts could be used – bad broker) I stopped. I have just came here 😉 and was wandering what kind of trading do you use it is only forex or maybe binary option, stock or any other instruments ? I understand that everyone of us is different but what do you prefer and recommend ? Would be glad to hear your opinion 😉

    1. The only reason why a lot of people trade binary options and Forex is because that is the cheapest markets to learn. You can open an account with just a few hundred dollars (or euros). That is precisely the problem. The best markets for traders to start would be either stocks or futures would avoid Forex and binary options at all costs.

      1. Hi, Marcello

        Can you explain further why we need to avoid Forex at all costs, besides the reason you mentioned above (the cheapest market to learn)? Do you have any experience that shaped your opinion? I am very interested in trading and Forex is the most available market for me at the time as I want to achieve freedom (just $2000/mo would be sufficient for me).

        Thank you for your respinse in advance and keep a good work!

        Best regards

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