Best Thing About Having Financial Freedom

The best thing about having financial freedom isn’t about having a million dollars.

It is about spoiling the ones we love.

For some of you it may be your kids, for others it may be your parents, for me it would spoiling a mother. Because what responsible young(ish) man wouldn’t spoil his own mother.

This trip was nothing short of intense but it was all brought about by having the ability to have my financial freedom.  Waking up at 3am to arrive at the airport and hop on a 3 hour flight that arrives at roughly 8am.  Followed by a four hour drive which was highlighted by a quit pricey speeding ticket.

Only to arrive in the city my mother lives to surprise her on her birthday.

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This would only be followed by hopping on a flight the very next day to return home and get back to work.  It is the little things in life that allows us enjoy things long term. Having a lot of money is great but what is having money without being able to enjoy it?

This is the beauty when it comes to day trading…. we can do it anywhere in the world as long as we have reliable internet. High speed internet isn’t even a requirement any longer.

Hope you have an excellent memorial day. This day is about remembering the people who died serving this country to give us the ability to have our freedom.

This is in no way a comparison….. I still remember the fighting I did to become a consistently profitable trader. It was worth the fight as now I can come and go as I please anywhere in the world.

Stay profitable…..


  1. Nice post, Marcello.

    My issue with day-trading is the swings in volatility throughout the year. As a day-trading friend once told me, in a typical year you will have about 3 really good months, 3 poor months, and 6 months of crap.

    That, of course, is spread out randomly throughout the year and is not in that particular order. I have a profitable system that works well as long as the market is running and there is follow through; however, once the market slows down, I have to go back to swing-trading on longer time-frames.

    My impression from watching your videos/blogs over the years is that you only actually trade a few days per month – those being the volatility days.

    Is this correct? If not, do you teach how to maintain some level of consistency as the market speeds up and then slows way back down for sometimes months at a time?


  2. Great content Marcello, ive been following you for some time and i have to say, you are an inspiration to myself and my close friends. financial freedom is definitely something that we all strive for and aim to one day reach that level.

    thanks again for your insights

  3. Hi marcello i just broke up with my partner,im left with debt,school fees for the kids,rent i struggle to buy grouseries my life has turned around.i owe almost everyone i know and its getting worse.i have a few thousands left I need to make money quick in few days I have never traded in my life.can you recommend something for me

  4. Great post! Just getting started in Day Trading and eager to learn.

    As a seasoned pro, do you average over $500/day net of commissions?

  5. For me financial freedom is something which lets me choose what I want to do with my life. No. it’s definitely not about having millions of dollars in my bank (though I would love that!!) With the kind of money I have I can say..okay..now I can afford to invest my money and time on a personal travel blog which I have been craving for years! It’s not like I can’t even afford to think about that since that’ll eat away time from my work routine and eventually my earning. That’s financial liberation for me.

  6. Marcello, your search for freedom is what I wanted all my life and succeeded only partially. The problem is that I was born almost 60 years before the internet trading (and others) was possible. Years before I did figure out that if I have a winery, I can produce and bottle wine for 6 months and after that I can travel for 6 months while my sales rep will sell the stock of wine. -I invested in winery-, It worked for one year, the next year my sales rep sold all the wine, pocketed the money and despaired. Now when I am already retired, I just can not sit and do nothing, I will try day-trading , Thank you for your inspiration.

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