Day Trading in Argentina: Moving To Buenos Aires Edition

This guest post is written by Brice Peressini from TradingVoyageur.com.  Back when I was living in Medellin I received a tweet form a man that told me he wanted to day trade and travel like I did.  He sent me a tweet when he realized we were both living in Medellin, Colombia.  I invited him to a sushi date at our usual all you can eat Tuesday restaurant and the rest was history.

Brice and I are now business partners and work on developing day trading strategies together at the Day Trading Academy.  This is his story about when he was day trading in Argentina:

I’ve wanted to live and day trade in Buenos Aires for years.  I met Marcello while day trading in Medellin, Colombia. Since then we’ve shared our passions of travelling and trading in a few exotic locales, including Carnival de Barranquilla, Rio de Janeiro, and London.

Marcello has lived in Buenos Aires before, and he loved the city, but had other things to do this time – namely conquering India (or India conquering him, depending on the day.)

Right now Argentina is going through an economic crisis so I wanted to make sure that I experienced the city before it got worse.  Argentina is known for going through an economic collapse every ten years and it was that time of the decade. I asked Marcello how best to find a place to live in Buenos Aires and he advised me to look on Craigslist.

The search was on.

 Escadaria Selaron Rio De Janeiro

Marcello & I at the famous steps in Rio De Janeiro

The city of Buenos Aires has held my gaze for a long while, and I just couldn’t turn away. She needed to be approached. She needed to be experienced. I needed her.  I first heard about Buenos Aires when the Tim Ferris wrote his book about the Four Hour Work Week.  I was fascinated with the idea of learning tango and of course, working four hours a week.

So what does a travelling day trader do when he needs to know a place?

He moves there.

But where does a travelling day trader rest his weary head in a new city? What does he need, besides the loving gaze of his newest love?

Architecture in Buenos Aires

The most beautiful building in Buenos Aires, El Sanitario

There are a few things that a day trader needs to think about when moving to a new place. One, fast, reliable internet. This sounds like a given. If you are from Asia, North America, or Europe, this is taken for granted – like fresh drinking water. However, in many places around the world this is not a given, and in order for me to keep travelling and day trading, I need to have a fast and reliable connection.

The internet is the main logistical question, then after that I want to find a place that is fun. After all, I choose to travel because I love it, find it interesting and challenging. So once the prerequisite of a fast, secure connection is found, that’s when I look for a beautiful and fun neighborhood.

When I moved to Buenos Aires, I had heard that Recoleta was the place to be.  I immediately reserved an apartment in the ritzy neighborhood of Recoleta and once I arrived I realized something.

I had heard wrong.

Recoleta is a stunningly beautiful neighborhood with many Old World parks and fantastic buildings. However, it also is primarily inhabited by people that could have sailed over on Columbus’s original vessel.

This is to say that Recoleta is a boring place for a 31 year old day trader looking to party. Sorry, but my idea of a good time isn’t playing canasta with geriatrics.

So after two months of living in my retirement home of a neighborhood, I made the jump to the party part of town, Palermo Hollywood.

El Ateneo

El Ateneo, the beautiful theater that was converted into a book store

Best. Decision. Ever.

My life here in Buenos Aires immediately changed once I found my new pad in Palermo. I started going out every night, I met fun new people, and my trading even improved (don’t underestimate the power of being happy in your surroundings.)

Buenos Aires is a great place for a day trader. The lifestyle here, of party every night, is well suited for the later starting times to the market than in North America.

You can party until 3am on a weekday, and still wake up at 10:15, ready to tackle the markets.

The city is an art filled, party-all-night kind of place. It suits me well. I love what I do, and Buenos Aires is a great place to be doing what I do.

Long live day trading!


  1. So Marcello… I understand you used that Jordan trip stuff to expand your mailing, because you never told your audience who the winners were…

  2. I love this story. I’m originally from Buenos Aires and El Sanitario is one of my favorite buildings. I was so happy to see that someone else appreciated it too 🙂

    Thank you for making my day better!

  3. I am from BsAs, and although insecurity is an issue right now on a macro view, I would not say it is at a level to be the reason to not come to Bs As.

    If u know where to move, how to travel, u r at a centric place and r not all day with ur head in the moon u will have no problem.

    As Brice shares, it is a great place to have a living experience, from a cultural, social, food and fun aspect. It is becoming quite cheap in u$s terms as we have a big monetary problem and several rates, but that is positive for foreign ppl and dollar income jobs.

    U just have to be a little more carefull compared to living or vacationing in other big cities like miami, NY, london, madrid, etc.

    Any question u can mail me at gtichauer@gmail.com

    1. I wouldn’t disagree with that Gonzalo but now with the further restrictions on capital flows its getting harder and harder to live a normal live in Buenos Aires. Its a great city but unfortunately its getting worse and worse by the day

  4. I just came upon this site when researching trading and travelling.

    I’m thinking of doing a month in BA and basing myself in Palermo (yr recommendation)

    I trade the futures market and need hi-speed (50-100Mbps) lines, if possible.
    Is this realistic?
    Any further insights/info would be most useful. THnx

    1. It’s definitely realistic Nigel but I would make sure your aware of the financial situation right now in Buenos Aires. Things are going well at all. Be advised you will have issues changing currency and it can get a bit dangerous so do keep an extra eye on your surroundings

  5. Hi, I ‘m planning on moving to Colombia soon from New Orleans and have been going there (Med. Bog. Cart. Sant Mart) for the last 8 yrs. off and on.. I have been day trading now for about 6 mos. and doing fairly well. Are you using a laptop to trade or would it be better to use a desk top. Better yet can you tell me what’s your setup and some things that you know that could help me with trading there? I probably would make Med. my home but will be visiting Cali, Cart. etc. and plan on partying and trading at the same time. Can you just clue me in on some things that you have learned while daytrading in other countries. I’m not real computer savy but would like to know what I can get by with to trade without any problems. Thanks, Ron

  6. Hi Marcello, congrats on your site,

    I was trading from BA in 2010 & 2011 and was thinking living there, great city but economy & corruption didn t make it. Such a pity when u see Chile & Urugay doing well…

    I m considering moving to Rio, the first prop firm having started a few months ago there, and i m bored of working alone at home, what would be the main differences with BA in living style, people, etc… ?


    1. In Rio the people are much nicer and outgoing. The Brazilians are much more open and I would also say they are more liberal. It is more of a laid back environment there since they have beach access. I would Rio is also a bit more expensive as well. I lived in Cinelandia but you can look for places in Ipanema that is really where all of the action is that. What is the name of that first prop firm Gery? Would like to look into that

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