How To Day Trade (Part 1): Advantages & Disadvantages

Want to learn how to day trade? This is going to be a new series that we are going to feature here on Wanderingtrader. This give you a bit of insight into what it takes to be a professional day trader. I know many of you want financial freedom to be able to travel.  After our recent feature on BBC  we have been very overwhelmed with all the questions. So we decided to make this new series on the day trading blog!  Hope you enjoy it. We will place the links at the bottom of the post for the next videos in the series.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

  • Learning How To Day Trade
    • Part 1 – Advantages & Disadvantages (Current post)
    • Part 2 – Best Markets To Trade
    • Part 3 – How to Setup A Trading Business
    • Part 4 – How To Find A Good Day Trading Strategy
    • Part 5 – Watching A Live Trading Session


  1. Hey Marcello, I am a student who is looking to be in Medellin for the next 4 months and this definitely caught my attention. Would you be able to set up a time where I can come and check out what you guys are doing?

  2. Hello Marcello. I’ve been listening to your podcasts ever since I found your webpage through a link on Facebook.
    My question is, how can I sign up for your day trading courses (the day trading academy).

  3. Marcello,

    I admire what you are doing. I’d like to do the same. What are your thoughts on FOREX versus day trading? I’ll be looking at your videos to learn more.

    R/Daniel from Florida

    1. Hey Daniel… Forex is a market while day trading describes the act of actually trading a specific market (like Forex). Forex unfortunately is highly manipulated which makes it much harder to actually trade. Eminis has more of a level playing field which allows us to make money much easier.

  4. Hi,
    I am in Medellin and would like to check out your trading acadamey .
    Let me know when I can stop by.

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