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Our day trading blog is a culmination of what it takes to be able to day trade and travel around the world. Here on the traidng blog we will share tips and tricks to learn how to day trade, how to get started, and some of our adventures around the world.

We consider day trading to be the best job in the world, since it is the only profession in the world that allows you to do well when the economy is doing well and even when it is not doing well.

Traders make more money when the market goes down than when it goes up.  Let us know if you have any questions about anything in general, or anything that we post here on the day trading blog. We always like to hear from new and experienced traders alike.

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Day Trading in Argentina: Moving To Buenos Aires Edition

Escadaria Selaron Rio De Janeiro

This guest post is written by Brice Peressini from TradingVoyageur.com.  Back when I was living in Medellin I received a tweet form a man that told me he wanted to day trade and travel like I did.  He sent me a tweet when he realized we were both living in Medellin, Colombia.  I invited him […]

Why is Learning to Day Trade So Damn Hard?

day trading setup

The idea of learning how to day trade is super easy isn’t it?  You find a stock, buy it really low and sell it really high and then poof!  Millionaire!  You buy and sell it million times and make thousands of dollars a day.  If it’s so easy why isn’t everyone doing it? It’s not […]

Tradestation vs NinjaTrader: Reviews- Which one is better?

tradestation, futures charts, tradestation charting

Deciding whether NinjaTrader or Tradestation is better is similar to deciding which kid is your favorite.  You just can’t do that!  These two programs are the only trading platforms that all futures traders use.  These two platforms are the only ones I have been using for my roughly 10 year day trading career.  I share […]

Working Overseas: Day Trading and Travelling in Iceland

day trading overseas

I never considered traveling to Iceland in my lifetime. Not because of the cold weather, simply because I didn’t think there was anything to see (boy was I wrong). I was actually day trading while traveling throughout Iceland. They call it the land of fire and ice because it sits right on the convergence of […]

What is Day Trading?

What is Day Trading?

There are two ways that people invest in the market: there are investors and day traders (I share how I make money day trading at TheDayTradingAcademy.com).  Investors are in the market for the long haul.  They place their retirement and savings into the market with a simple premise that the market will go up over […]