East Africa

I traveled to Eastern Africa to only see a handful of things and realized that there were so many more things to experience and witness.  I was the first travel blogger to the world’s newest country, South Sudan, and also visited very unique places like Somaliland, Ethiopia, and Somaliland.  I don’t consider Madagascar to be on the list as it can be considered part of Eastern Africa or Southern Africa, but I included it anyway since it is an amazing place to visit.

Some of the highlights in the region was being able to walk and interact with cheetahs, feeding hyenas, walking with and petting lions, seeing the avenue of the Baobabs, getting inches from gorillas, the Victoria Falls & swimming at the Devil’s Pool.  There are very unique things to see in the region and getting around can be tough.  This is my travel guide for Eastern Africa.
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Country Guides for East Africa

My Eastern Africa Highlights

  • African Safari in Kenya
  • Avenue of the Baobabs In Madagascar
  • Feeding Hyenas
  • Gorillas in Uganda
  • Lalibela: The world’s second Jerusalem
  • Newest Country in the World: South Sudan
  • Petting & walking with Cheetahs
  • Somaliland
  • Stone Forrest in Madagascar
  • Swimming at the edge of the Victoria Falls
  • Walking with a pack of Lions

Logistics for East Africa

  • Getting Around Eastern Africa
  • Getting In & Out of Eastern Africa
  • Using A Cell Phone in Eastern Africa