The Emini Academy with Chris Dunn and I (Marcello Arrambide) started way before this video was made but it was the beginning of the formality of the business. When I first joined Chris Dunn to start coaching students it was roughly in June or July 2010 and the company as you now know it was called the Daily Trading Profits.  While I assisted in the development of the MAP Strategy, I now use a variation of it that is much more effective.  I share my income statements and my results on my Day Trading website.

I’ve known Chris Dunn for a very long time and we have had similar trading paths.

I remember when a friend introduced me to Chris when he was starting to day trade and that is one of the reasons that he approached me to be a coach for the company.  The video was meant as an introduction into my online presence via this website, Wandering Trader.

Both Chris & I have been through a number of different day trading companies and used different strategies and when he began to create the MAP Trading Strategy we decided to try and create something from a trader’s perspective.  I still remember the days when we would sit in Tampa, Fl and we decided to to call the new enhanced strategy MAP to signify a road map or direction.

It really inspired me to start helping other day traders on my own

Being part of the Emini Academy has really taught me a lot about coaching others to day trade and has giving me great pleasure.  The cost of the Emini academy is roughly $5,000 for the entire strategy which includes a few months of coaching.  Afterwards, students could pay roughly $300 a month for monthly coaching which including me teaching in the live classes.

While I am no longer with the Emini Academy I still use a variation of the strategy that I have developed on my own.  I have also started to help other traders and plan on publicizing a what I call the Learning How To Day Trade Project where I take one trader from knowing nothing about trading all the way to being an expert.

I’m going to take my near 10 year career of day trading experience and publicize it all on the website at no cost to anyone.  You can read more about the project at my Learning How to Day Trade page.

After you watched the video you will realize there is nothing more exciting in life than coffee, tango, and trading conversations.

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