Want to be successful Day Trading Eminis? Academies Hold The Key

Success  –  the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.

That is the technical definition, how do you define it?  You cannot begin a roadmap to success until you have the pathway started.  Do you want money and power?   Or do you want a family with a white picket fence?

Disclosure:  I am now day trading on my own and help day traders learn how to day trade via my new project where I help the Day Trading of Eminis via an Academy (click here to find out more).  I share my own trades, income statements, and even more info on day trading!

Whatever your goal…  Whatever your dream…  It is attainable but you must have focus and drive to obtain it.

Everyone is looking for the secret to success, I will let the cat out of the bag on my first blog post:  BE LAZY! Makes sense right? I am glad we could agree on that.  It’s one of the reasons why I pursued day trading almost 8 years ago and decided to help others via day trading eminis, academies have requested that I help coach them and I have declined more than I have accepted.

The Emini Academy project was meant to help other traders and that’s the reason that I agreed to help develop the program and MAP Trading Strategy.

Unorthodox I know, but I have never been the kind of guy to follow the rules, neither are men (and women) that are successful for that matter.  Now by lazy I don’t mean doing nothing forever, the secret is forcing yourself to think of the most effective way to realize your dream.  I will give you a perfect example:   My definition of success is freedom:  freedom to travel around the world, freedom to buy what provokes me, freedom to make my family’s dream come true.  How am I going to achieve all this?  We are in the internet age where anyone can run a business from the internet.   While being lazy, I thought my ideal career would involve only having to answer to myself.

A profession where I could be successful when the global economy did extremely well and when, say… a global crisis hit and wiped out 10 years of advances?  Okay I will be honest, I didn’t see the credit crisis coming either, but I am glad I was day trading and not “investing” in my future.  A college student at the time, I was able to get started with day trading with very minimal capital.  I can travel around the world and day trade at the same time, a saying I live religiously by now “trade and travel” or “day trade and travel”, all I need is an internet connection.

I day trade now for my own account and also used to help others develop their skill with the Emini Academy.  Check out my new project at thedaytradingacademy.com. Nothing is more gratifying than seeing others reach their own dreams.  Part of my freedom is having the time to be able to help others.

Define what success means to you, then BE LAZY and figure out the best way to achieve it.

Until next time

Marcello Arrambide – Emini Trader


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