How to Create Your Own Day Trading Hub on the Move

One of the best things about day trading is that you can do it from anywhere. Whether it be in a small town coastal town along the shores of the Great Barrier Reef or a cafe on the Amalfi Coast, the world is truly your office – as long as there is decent internet connection. Given this, some of you may be wondering about how you can optimize your mobile trading setup while on the move. You may have questions about what you’ll need and what sort of preparations to make to effectively trade from wherever you are be it your home, a hotel room, or a dedicated working space. These tips will come in handy both now and in the future.

Computer MonitorFrom Home

When creating your own day trading hub at home, customize your space by incorporating your favorite elements. Set up your home office where you get the most natural light and peace and quiet.

If you’re looking for a cozier aesthetic, you can also check out these work-friendly cafes in Singapore that are known for boosting productivity.

Having a splash of green around your home office will make it feel inviting and less suffocating, and while you’re at it, use plants to decorate the rest of your house, too!

When it comes to screens, the usual setup is made up of three to four monitors.

Unlike any other remote working environment, your home is the best out of office location to recreate your office. One area you made need to upgrade though is your internet, especially if you will be using it more frequently.

From a Coworking Space


The coworking space is fast becoming the go-to out of office workplace for many different types of industries. In the financial industry everyone from solo traders to HSBC are using coworking spaces. The good news for traders on the move is that every major city will have multiple coworking spaces that provide a quiet environment with the required high-speed internet to work.

For instance, traders visiting Miami will find themselves in a modern international trading hub, as startups and Fortune 500 companies have put the city on the map. This has led to an explosion in coworking spaces in Miami with many companies opening more than one location. The three Industrious operations in Miami are all located in the city’s commercial centers, making them perfect for traders who want to be on the pulse of the area’s business industries. Since workplace solutions are flexible, you can definitely work independently if you please, or if you’re feeling more sociable, coworking spaces are the perfect place to network and possibly meet fellow day traders. You may be able to share tips and even participate in co-trading – sharing resources, knowledge, and advice with other independent day traders.

From a Hotel Room

Switch Hub

The quality of your internet connection is of utmost importance. This becomes doubly important when you’re day trading as you’ll need to be able to track changes in real-time. Now, this may either be a huge problem or not a problem at all depending on where in the world you find yourself. CNET highlights how countries such as South Korea have the fastest internet in the world. For day trading you’ll want to opt for high-speed connection options. This should be at around 25 mbps or faster to ensure top performance and efficiency. This is something to keep in mind when you’re setting up a trading hub in a hotel room. You will need to choose wisely in terms of internet speeds and office equipment. If necessary, you may want to rent a pocket Wi-Fi device for stable and reliable connection.

Who says you need a permanent office to day trade effectively? Whether you’re stationary or on the move, you can create your own trading hub wherever you please.

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