Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs are independent individuals who actively seek out opportunities to take control of their futures. Sometimes this includes taking risks and being comfortable with being held accountable for the results. Here are some more traits of successful entrepreneurs.



Everyone has days when motivation seems to be a distant virtue, but much more often than not, successful entrepreneurs know how to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and re-engage themselves with their endeavors. An inspirational trigger in the form of a quote from a favorite author or remembering pivotal points in your career can turn the day around. The ability to know what will re-motivate and the willingness to become motivated again is crucial for success. An entrepreneur that is constantly stuck in negative thoughts or lazy moods will not be an entrepreneur for long.

Many experienced entrepreneurs warn that motivation should not come from a desire to work part time or to retire early to cruise the seas on their own private yacht. Intrinsic personal satisfaction should be the motivator for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship can be a successful enterprise for those who want to make changes in the world for the good of others. The willingness to take time to find quality solutions to problems and a desire to actively compete with others are also great entrepreneurial traits.


To get more accomplished while leading a more balanced life, motivated individuals also multitask. This includes using exercise as a catalyst for better health as well as clearer focus. Many successful entrepreneurs will use the time they are exercising as time to think about projects and prioritize tasks. Those who exercise can boost calmness and clarity throughout the rest of the day as well. Multitaskers also take advantage of delegating responsibilities to employees in order to free up the day for major meetings and decisions.

Early Risers

Successful Entrepreneurs are motivated to be early risers to accomplish more in a day. Some think that it is the enthusiasm and drive of successful entrepreneurs that spurs them to wake up in the early morning hours. Early mornings are excellent for getting things done without the interruption that is so common during the conventional business day. Whether it is for quiet introspection or for going through emails, an early start time is a productive boost for the day.

Constantly Curious and Creative

Being constantly curious means that you never have an attitude that you know it all. Openness to new information and ideas and the discipline to learn new things every day is essential to being able to discover and pursue as many opportunities as possible. Talking with others whose life experiences and knowledge you admire is another way to expand your horizons. Entrepreneur Rick Harrison of The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop credits much of his success from his voracious reading. A part of being a lifelong learner, reading continues to expand your knowledge base.

Entrepreneurs often have to think outside the box in order to solve problems unique to their ventures. Being able to use creativity to scale a brick wall of rejection and setbacks is the difference between failure and success. The ability to think of novel ways of solving a problem and the willingness to back those ideas up with action is an essential entrepreneur trait.

Comfortable With Risk

Risk taking is something that many do one time or another in life, but true entrepreneurs see risk taking as a regular part of their profession. In an entrepreneur’s reality however, taking a chance is less reckless spontaneity and more of an embrace of opportunities when they present themselves. An element of risk involves change. Great entrepreneurs know how to roll with that too. International real estate developer Steve Wynn of Steve Wynn Resort has stated “Change is not threatening.” The business climate may change, but independent creatives know that each day is a new chance to use their ingenuity.

A Stickler for Details

While being open to new opportunities, successful entrepreneurs want to see reports and crunch numbers before committing to a new project. This is where motivation and thirst for knowledge come into play. The risks entrepreneurs take are educated risks because they have done their research on the prospective opportunity.


Every busy person in business needs time to relax. Entrepreneurs know that to be successful, burnout is not an option. Taking a break can be as simple as a walk around the block or a visit to a nearby park. Anything that unplugs you from the work week and replenishes your energy will leave you more able to meet the demands and challenges of the following days.

Unlike the flashy image of free-wheeling entrepreneurs that are seen in the media, successful entrepreneurs get up early, work hard, keep learning, and take care of themselves. They put the time and energy necessary to transform a business idea into a reality. The traits of creativity and an independent mindset in addition to being willing to take risks take successful entrepreneurs to new heights.

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