Traveling Overseas and the Effect it Can Have on Your Finances


Many people dream of traveling to faraway places and exploring new sights and cultures. Though traveling brings a lot of great adventures, it can also bring debt upon those who don’t truly have the means to go on such extravagant vacations. Traveling overseas, in particular, can have a major effect on finances if people aren’t careful. It takes some careful planning and consideration to make such an expensive trip happen without breaking the bank.

Leaving You Stranded and Broke

Say someone heads overseas to the Philippines for a getaway even though they didn’t really have the funds to do so. They may run of out of money before they even have the chance to make it back home, leaving them stranded in the location they’re in. Knowing where the nearby money transfer locations are will help ensure you can get money fast if needed from a family member back home. Send money to the Philippines from the U.S. if you’re the family member or friend at home, or receive cash if you’re the one left helpless. Receiving locations exist throughout various countries, so it’s always possible to use this option no matter where you’ve gone.

Expensive Hotel Stays

Hotels cost a considerable amount of money, especially if you end up booking a five-star resort. Skip the hotel stays and you’ll save a ton while traveling. Use sites like Airbnb to find cheap rentals in the area. It’s also possible to find places to camp out for free or cheap instead of having to stay indoors. If you’re heading to a national park near Kaieteur Falls, for example, you can search for a camping spot in the area. It’s also possible to book accommodations through a group tour of the site that makes the cost more affordable.

No Access to Bank Accounts

Some people may travel with plenty of money in their accounts, yet they fail to realize that some of those accounts cannot be accessed. Just because you have a debit card that works at stores and locations in the U.S. does not mean you can use that same card in other countries without problems. It’s important to look into your banking information and policies and determine how simple or difficult it would be to access the money there in a faraway place. It might be worth looking into an international bank if you plan on doing a lot of traveling so it will grant access to money no matter where in the world you are.

Hidden Fees

Using an ATM in the U.S. may not cost a fee through your bank, but it can cost a considerable amount if you attempt to withdraw money while in another country. Traveling can affect your finances simply through the hidden fees if people aren’t careful. It’s beneficial to look into the fees listed to see exactly what you need to expect. To help avoid this, it’s best to open a travel rewards card that gives you money back or earns you points to redeem for cash or prizes and has no fees for using it internationally. It’s also wise to have cash on hand and be sure said cash is converted into the acceptable form of currency once you arrive at a new location.

Finances can take a tumble if people travel overseas without really having the funds to do so. Anyone hoping to travel to both nearby and faraway destinations needs to be sure it’s in the budget first. Going broke and not being able to pay bills or for other necessary items is not worth it in the end for a one-time vacation. Individuals need to be sure to save and find ways to pay to make the most of the trip while still ensuring they can handle their obligations upon returning home.

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